Monday, September 12, 2005

We Just Hope Our Friends Were Kidding

Today was an interesting day. If you read yesterday’s blog, you may recall I played some volleyball last night. When I came home from playing, I felt fine. I showered, blogged, read and went to bed all without incident. Things were going well until some time in the middle of the night I noticed I woke myself up in pain every time I turned over. My back started hurting pretty bad. I got up this morning and couldn’t even walk normal. I could tell it was a muscle ache, so I figured it work its way out like usual. Well, this was no usual backache…around 9:30am I was thinking about coming home and trying to lay back down it hurt so bad. Brooke suggested the heating pad, so I got that, put it in my chair at work and things started getting a little better. By noon, I was uncomfortable but at least I could do what I needed to do. This evening, it is still uncomfortable just sitting here, but it’s much better than this morning. Thirty-six is not old, but I sure felt old this morning.

I guess ‘tonight’ was somehow in competition with ‘today’ to see who could have the best story to blog about. Last time we went to Mercardo Juarez Mexican restaurant, Brooke filled out some card and found out she won a free meal…a meal for six no less. Being the good friends that we are, we called four of our good friends and invited them out for a free meal. Oh yeah, I think we forgot to mention the little “fire safety presentation” at the end of the meal. Well, that’s what we thought, anyway. You see, they told us the meal was free and that there was a “little” fire safety presentation we would have to sit through for our meal. I don’t know what Brooke was thinking, but in my mind, it would go something like this: the six of us go out to eat, pick what we want off the menu, enjoy the meal and hanging out together then somebody would come to our table and do a 15-20 minute fire safety/sales pitch presentation. It seems my mind’s eye wasn’t seeing 20/20 on this matter! When we got there, we were ushered into a room with 40-50 other people. The salesman shook our hand as we came in. Everybody got fajitas (so at least the food was good) and then the guy gave us our fire safety lesson and his sales pitch the rest of the evening. We got to talk to our friends for about 10 minutes at the beginning. It took that long for them to find something civil to say to us after they found out what we had gotten them into! The food was good, the salesman had a good pitch and we learned another lesson. We’ve been suckered by Silver Leaf Resorts and now MaterGuard. We just hope our friends were kidding when they said they put our address on their form and marked that they would like a visit!

- Rob


stephen said...

Well I sure hope that you don't consider me that type of friend! HaHa

Very funny story and one that I can relate to as well. The only thing worse would have been if the presenters were "Christian" and your friends were unbelievers. Then I can imagine how the their thought process would have worked.

Good to see you a few days ago. We should get together more often...just in a different setting.

Meagan Henning said...

Well, I am glad you thought enough to put this little fiasco into your blog. Don't we feel special to be one of those "that type of friend"! J/K