Saturday, September 17, 2005

It's In The Mail

I don't remember how long ago we discovered this little "trick". I think I took Amanda with me to check the mail and church one day and she wanted to see the mail in the box. I lifted her up and and said "Look, you could fit in there." She wanted to see if it was true...and it was. That was several months ago. It's a good thing we took these pictures today because we couldn't keep the door closed anymore...those long legs just keep growing. Anyway, Amanda thought this was great while she was small enough to do it and wanted to get a picture before she got too big. So today we took the pictures and shot the video, "It's in the Mail".

- Rob

1 comment:

Dawn Irons said...

HHHmmmm...there are two ways to look at this evidence!

As a former social worker this would be hard to explain to some of my former co-workers at CPS! LOL!!

On the other hand, my practical joking side thinks this would have been hillarious to have put her in the box just moments before the postal worker showed up for delivery!

What a fun photo and a great memory!