Monday, September 19, 2005

5 Reasons Why I Love Brooke - #3

Brooke is going out of town for a few days with her brother to visit the family in Alabama. I never like it when Brooke is gone. Rather than just mope, I thought I'd post five reasons (one for each day she is gone) why I love my wife.

Reason Number 3
I love you because your love for people starts in our home. You forever have one more person to help, are always concerned that somebody is not happy enough and all sorts of wonderful things like that, yet you always have time for your family. Every morning, you sit with Amanda and help her get dressed for school. Those of us in the household who are more "practical" know it is much easier and more time-effective to set her clothes out and let her get herself ready, but you take the time to be with her each morning before she goes to school (even when she is cranky from being in that I'm-still-waking-up state).

And then there's the "Boo test". She must know how much you love her and our family. I feed the dog, bathe the dog, cut her hair, trim her nails and scoop the poop in the back yard at least twice a year, but who does she love the most? Her Momma! Of course, Amanda knows this too. Daddies do a lot of "stuff" and are good for playing, but Mommy is the one to go to when you need to be loved (or just have your stomach scratched).

You're always cooking a meal for someone, going to help someone do this or that, pick up something for somebody or whatever else, but you still find time to wash clothes, wash dishes, fold clothes, volunteer for PTA and wait at school for 30 minutes before school is out to get a parking spot so Amanda does not have to walk home (OK, admit it, that part is mostly so you don't have to walk home in the heat!). Yes, you are the better grocery shopper. Somehow you manage to stay close to budget I give you, yet you bring home all the "good stuff" that I'm always looking for.

You almost always come up with the better birthday/Christmas/Father's Day/etc. ideas because you put thought into how to make us feel extra special (I'm working on beating you in this area, but you set a high standard).

And every time you are gone like this, I think about the whole cooking dinner thing in a different light. You always have dinner ready when I come home from work, and I love that. How do you do that? When you are gone, I have all of these great plans for dinner, but by the time I come home from work those great ideas are usually reduced to Spaghetti-Os for Amanda and peanut butter and jelly for me. Where do you find the energy to do that?

And then there's your patience. I'll write more about that where I'm concerned tomorrow, but you're so patient with Amanda. When she spills, I know most of the time it's just a "kid thing", but how do you stop what you are doing and do one more thing for somebody else without it wearing on you? And the snack many times do you stop what you are doing to feed our human garbage disposal? "You can get it yourself" is much easier, but you choose to serve instead. And where does that "she's sleepy, that's why she's acting that way" understanding come from? I know she's sleepy, that's why she needs to quit whining and go to bed! But you just love on her, let her finish what she is doing and then help her clean up her mess and get ready for bed. Ok, how do you not go insane with the mess in her room, then the mess in living room and then in the kitchen? I know...your servant's/Mommy's heart. I guess that would be the best way to say it...I love your servant's/Mommy's heart. I am thankful God gave you to us.

I love you,

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