Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Watch this 1993 CBC report about "Internet" and see what people thought about it back then.

Ahh...I just go it. When Al Gore said he created the Internet, he meant he created the "the" in the phrase "The Internet". Watch this clip and you'll understand.

It's Not About the War

Check out this Fox News story Democrats Develop New Anti-War Plan That Keeps Funding for Troops in Iraq. The Democrats' true colors are starting to show through. It's not about the war for's about getting at President Bush. Read it for yourself.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Hypocricy of Al Gore's Global Warming Commitment

Last night, Al Gore’s global-warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, collected an Oscar for best documentary feature, but the Tennessee Center for Policy Research has found that Gore deserves a gold statue for hypocrisy.

Gore’s mansion, located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES).

In his documentary, the former Vice President calls on Americans to conserve energy by reducing electricity consumption at home.

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh—more than 20 times the national average.

Read the entire story from Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

Update: It appears all of this is true even after Al has "signed up for 100 percent green power through Green Power Switch, installed solar panels and uses compact fluorescent bulbs and other energy-saving technology. He said he also buys carbon offsets — a service that tries to reduce the net carbon emissions of individuals or organizations indirectly, through proxies that reduce their emissions and/or increase their absorption of greenhouse gases." As Dr. Phil might say, "So, how's that workin' for ya, Al?"

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Novel Science Fiction on Global Warming

Patrick J. Michaels is senior fellow in environmental studies at the Cato Institute and author of Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media. He describes Al Gore's movie this way:

This Sunday, Al Gore will probably win an Academy Award for his global-warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, a riveting work of science fiction.

The main point of the movie is that, unless we do something very serious, very soon about carbon dioxide emissions, much of Greenland’s 630,000 cubic miles of ice is going to fall into the ocean, raising sea levels over twenty feet by the year 2100.

Where’s the scientific support for this claim? Certainly not in the recent Policymaker’s Summary from the United Nations’ much anticipated compendium on climate change. Under the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s medium-range emission scenario for greenhouse gases, a rise in sea level of between 8 and 17 inches is predicted by 2100. Gore’s film exaggerates the rise by about 2,000 percent.

Read the whole thing here.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Irresponsible Reporting or Just Plain Stupidity?

Drudge Report linked to this story

Global warming concerns are keeping children awake at night

Half of young children are anxious about the effects of global warming, often losing sleep because of their concern, according to a new report today.

A survey of 1,150 youngsters aged between seven and 11 found that one in four blamed politicians for the problems of climate change.

When I saw the headline, I thought it was a joke. And then I saw they were claiming this was true and I thought, "Weird Al (Gore) would be happy to know this...probably even proud of them." And then I reread the (stupid) article. They site a study of 1,150 "youngsters" and then go on later in the article to share a few "statistics". Notice the phrase "often losing sleep because of their concern" does not use statistics. They are trying to leave the impression that half of the 1,150 children surveyed are losing sleep over "global warming", but obviously that is not true. This is yet another example of irresponsible "reporting" on this supposed "issue".

In light of the last article I posted, you've got to ask yourself, "Even if this weren't a total fabrication, shouldn't we be concerned that global warming is keep our children awake at night while child starvation, war and poverty do not? (On second thought, these people are probably working on Part II of this story now about how many children are losing sleep over the war in Iraq).

If "global warming" is such a legitimate concern, why in the world would are so many irresponsible stories like this to be printed? How can these people hope to maintain any kind of credibility?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Saving Starving Children...

...Should Trump Global Warming Concerns

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” said famed 18th century British lexicographer Samuel Johnson. To update the quote for our current era you might substitute “children” for “patriotism” and “climate alarmist” for “scoundrel.”

Last week, outgoing United Nations World Food Program chief James Morris reminded us that 18,000 children die every day from hunger and malnutrition. Morris called the situation “a terrible indictment of the world in 2007.”

Great the whole Fox News story here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Steaks on the Grill and Other Stuff

Man, we ate right tonight. Somebody gave us some fresh, vacuum-packed meat that we thought was roast meat. Brooke thawed it out yesterday and unpacked it for the Crock Pot tonight. When she unpacked it, she told me the wasn't roast, it was some good lookin' steak! So I fired up the grill tonight and we ate good for dinner. Brooke cooked some baked potatoes while I grilled the steak and it was wonderful!

So while the meat was cooking, Amanda was out playing. We looked in the turtle pen and saw that one of the turtles seemed to have been moving around because the dirt where he was buried was disturbed. We investigated more closely and saw that Grumpy O' Mally was trying to burying himself a bit deeper. We covered him back up with a rug to let him hibernate a bit longer. We were glad to see him moving around and discussed how we missed seeing the turtles.

Thinking about how I enjoy seeing the turtles when they are out (and listening to my wife harass me about this) made me think about the mundane things that I enjoy in life. Here's a few I thought of:
  • Seeing the turtles in their pen when I walk home from work
  • Letting Boo lick the water off my legs after I get out of the shower (who knows why she likes it so much, but she waits at the door just for this 'special privilege')
  • Giving Boo just a dab of toothpaste when I brush my teeth in the morning (she puts her feet up on the bathroom counter top waiting for this one)
  • Walking Amanda to school each morning (one day I was in a hurry and let her walk herself the remainder of the way once she got to the crossing guard...then I was upset with myself for the rest of the morning and haven't done that again)
  • Going to Quick Trip and filling my giant 52 ounce super-insulated mug with Diet Coke
  • Waking up in the morning, running to the restroom first thing but having to stop and check my e-mail (while I do a little dance) first
OK, I'll stop there. I'm sure Brooke will let me know how glad she is I shared that last bit of information with the world. But these are things that I think about, you know, the "little" things in life that help make it enjoyable. Like stakes on the grill and other stuff.

Liberal Media Skews Perspective

Here are a some quotes from a New York Sun article entitled Heroes and Cowards.

Corporal Thomas Saba was buried in the Moravian Cemetery on Staten Island last Friday. One of seven Marines killed when their helicopter was shot down in Iraq on February 7, Saba, 30, enlisted in the spring of 2002 in response to the attacks of September 11, 2001. He extended his five-year tour by five months so that he could go with his squadron to Iraq.

It is absolutely amazing how America can continue to produce heroes such as Saba while electing cowardly politicians who mock their sacrifices.

The last Marine funeral I attended was for Adam Ogbu, a 19-year-old Nigerian-American who was my son's best friend. Young Ogbu died while on a Special Forces training run in Texas. He was in perfect health, and the cause of his death was never fully investigated. This was in 2000, and I mention this because the mainstream press is constantly bombarding us with the number of military casualties, and it is clear that the reports are meant to incite anger about the Iraqi war. How refreshing it would be if partisan politics could be set aside and reporters put news in the proper perspective without bias.

The total military dead in the Iraq war between 2003 and this month stands at about 3,133. This is tragic, as are all deaths due to war, and we are facing a cowardly enemy unlike any other in our past that hides behind innocent citizens. Each death is blazoned in the headlines of newspapers and Internet sites. What is never compared is the number of military deaths during the Clinton administration: 1,245 in 1993; 1,109 in 1994; 1,055 in 1995; 1,008 in 1996. That's 4,417 deaths in peacetime but, of course, who's counting?

Finish reading the entire article here.

I do not wish to minimize even one war death...they are all TRAGIC. But I thank God for each and every one who represents a soldier willing to give his/her life to protect our country. Despite the spin of the liberal media, the war in Iraq is protecting this country. We are in a war with Islam, and every step back we take (or every compromise we offer) is one advancing step Islam takes. But this article brings a bit of perspective to the constant barrage of the liberal media about the death toll in Iraq. Yes, war deaths are tragic, but the war in Iraq is not the death trap the media is making it out to be...they are just using our soldiers' deaths to promote their agenda. And I, for one, think it is wrong.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Geocaching Friends

On your right are GeoPunkin and seekhim17. On your left are our friends ATMA. If you did not know, these are our geocaching names. This summer, Amanda and I met this couple at GeoWoodstock 4 and spent an afternoon caching with them. They live in the Houston area and e-mailed a while back saying they were coming this way for a few days of caching. On Saturday, we rode with them to Mesquite and did 30 caches together. We had a great time catching up with them. We're hoping to see them in North Carolina over Memorial Day weekend at GeoWoodstock 5.

There's more than one way to cross a creek!

See the little "pipe thing" right above the GPS Amanda is holding? That was the cache!

ATMA. These people are serious cachers...2,216 finds to date and they are going out again tomorrow! We always learn a few new tricks hanging out with them.

GeoPunkin being silly with what was definitely the
most clever cache container for the day...a giant bolt.

Friday, February 16, 2007

My Valentines

These are my Valentines
The two halves of my heart

Idiot Hijacker Gets What's Coming To Him

Speaking to the gunman during the hijacking, the pilot realized the man did not speak French. So he used the plane's public address system to warn the passengers in French of the ploy he was going to try: brake hard upon landing, then speed up abruptly. The idea was to catch the hijacker off balance, and have crew members and men sitting in the front rows of the plane jump on him, the Spanish official said.

The pilot also warned women and children to move to the back of the plane in preparation for the subterfuge, the official said.

It worked. The man was standing in the middle aisle when the pilot carried out his maneuver, and he fell to the floor, dropping one of his two 7mm pistols. Flight attendants then threw boiling water from a coffee machine in his face and at his chest, and some 10 people jumped on the man and beat him, the Spanish official said.

Read the Fox News story here.

Al Gore Says the Earth Has a "Fever", But...

...the Star Telegram says it is 70 degrees colder today that it was a year ago here in Arlington! In other news, snow fell on Nepal's capital for the first time in 63 years!! Al Gore says the earth has a "fever", but this seems closer to hypothermia to me. I guess Weird Al is desperate...he never got credit for creating the Internet, so now he wants credit for "discovering" global warming.

I know, I know. People are going to write and tell me that global warming happens over decades or centuries and regional extremes do not mean anything. That's fine...I'm just gonna keep pointing out these regional hypothermia spells because the global warming alarmists will change their tune the first time we have a record high temperature this summer or next.

OK, a few simple questions for the global warming alarmists:
  1. Your latest report says in the next 50-100 years the earth's temperature is going to rise 4 degrees Celsius. Is that an average? Does that mean it will be more than 4 degrees warmer in some places? Where on earth will the change be exactly 4 degrees warmer? Will it be in year 50, or in year 100? I'm still trying to find the weatherman/climatologist who would bet his life (ok, how about just his job) on his weather predictions for next week. How can you say what is going to happen in the next 100 years with such certainty?
  2. How can you tell me what the temperature was like 300 years ago? I didn't know records were kept back then. If you don't have information going this far back, and much father, how can you tell me what we are experiencing now is "new" and "dangerous"?
  3. How do you know what the "ideal" temperature for the earth is? Do you know for a fact that 4 degrees Celsius is less "healthy" for the earth than what we have now? How do you know this?
  4. If you are so comfortable in the "fact" of global warming due to the "consensus" in the scientific community, why are you wanting to pull approval from meteorologists who disagree with you and why would you have to stoop to comparing scientists who disagree with you to Holocaust deniers? This is "good science"?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pahrump, Nevada Vying For Most Anti-American CIty?

Repeals English-Only law and permits flying of foreign flag by itself. Read it all here. I guess Bank of America should move their credit card headquarters here.

President Rush Limbaugh, Vice President Ann Coulter

Click the pictures to view a promo video for "The Half Hour News Hour" which will air this Sunday. Wow, wouldn't it be great to have a ticket like this to vote for in 2008!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Imagine That

Democratic legislators and Planned Parenthood are against a proposed bill in Tennessee that would require a death certificate to be issued for aborted babies as a way to track how many abortions are preformed.

Here's a quote from the Fox News article, "Keri Adams, vice president of Planned Parenthood in Tennessee, on Wednesday called the proposal an attempt to terrorize frightened and vulnerable women who are seeking abortion."

If abortion is "just a medical procedure" as these people claim, what is so terrorizing to "frightened and vulnerable women"? Would they be terrorized if they were asked to report a tooth extraction?

Let's just face it...issuing a death certificate would force these people to think about what they are really doing...killing an innocent child.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quite a Morning

It actually started around 11pm last night when I looked at my new Pocket PC and saw two appointments for today: 1) Brooke in San Antonio for PTA convention and 2) Hero's Welcome. Oops, I forgot about Hero's Welcome when our church was going to meet with another group at DFW airport and throw a big "Welcome Home" deal for the incoming troops. I thought the flight would be coming in around 9am, but I called the number to check the time. It said the flight would be arriving at 8am (ETA). Since we were supposed to arrive at the airport 30 minutes before that, it meant that I would have to get Amanda up at or before 7am to make it. After keeping her up late last night, I decided we probably would not make it.

Our phone rang at 7:15am this morning, and Amanda started stirring. I could tell she was probably not going to just turn over and go back to sleep, so I called the number one more time to see what time the troop plane would be arriving. It said 8:30am, so I asked Amanda if she wanted to go back to sleep or go greet the troops. She was out of bed in no time.

Most of our group met at the airport, but some wanted to ride the church bus, so Amanda and I got on. Her tummy started hurting a little before we started loading the bus, by the time we got on the bus she was laying down. Realizing we would be gone for at least 2 hours, I asked her if she could make it that long or if we should go home. She opted for coming home, so we hopped off just as the bus was pulling out.

We got home and she laid down crying. Then she told me it was her chest that hurt and not her tummy. I figured it was just gas and did not worry about it too much (she tends to have a flair for the dramatic). We prayed and she laid down. Thirty minutes later she was squirming and crying saying her chest still hurt. I was pretty sure it was just gas, but I could never live with myself it was something more serious and I did not take her to the hospital because I was to cheap to pay for an ER visit. I had her put her shoes on and was about ready to head to the hospital when I was able to think clearly long enough to call my mother who used to be an RN. I told her what was going on and she confirmed my suspicions about it being gas and recommended a drink of Coke and walk before worrying too much. Short version, half a glass of Coke and half a mile later everything was fine. Gotta tell ya, I'm sure glad I am not going to be making 2-and-a-half years worth of payments to the hospital/ER for gas pains!

To celebrate Amanda feeling better and to make us both feel better about getting up early and not getting to go greet the troops, we decided to run by Krispy Kreme (is that good for a gassy tummy?). On the way, we saw a lady with car trouble along the side of the highway. Thinking she had a flat and seeing that she was alone, we looped around at the next exit to see if we could help. She ended up being out of gas, so I pushed her car off onto the shoulder (she was on a bridge) and ran back home to grab some gas from the church mower shed. We gave her about 3 gallons and she was on her way. Got to witness to her a little bit and invite her to church before she left. So we then brought the empty gas container back and headed out to Krispy Kreme.

I would say we felt like the Marines getting more done by 10am than most people do all day, but I think we were more busy than actually getting stuff done. Nonetheless, it was quite a morning.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Our Big Date

Well, we've been talking about it most all week. Friday finally rolled around and Amanda and I went out for our first Daddy/daughter date. Here we are, all dressed up and ready to go out. She didn't quite understand the lessons I'm trying to teach her about how a boy should treat her when she's old enough to be thinking about real dates, but she definitely got the part about being important to and loved by Daddy. Amanda's first love language is physical touch, but I think quality times comes in second and is becoming more important to her.

Amanda wanted to get dressed up, so we did. She knew we were going to Cotton Patch to eat (so she could use her coupon). Here we are at Cotton Patch in Mansfield. What she didn't know was that I planned on taking her to see Night in the Museum afterwards. She asked if we could go to the mall, so I said, "Yes, we can go to the mall, but I want to take you to a different mall. And I have a special place I want to take your first." Fortunately, the Cinemark Theater at Six Flags Mall does not look much like a theater from the outside, so I was able to surprise her. She was excited since she had mentioned wanting to see this movie. We got home around 9:30pm after a great evening together.

We don't like it when Mommy is out of town, but this is definitely something we will do again when she is. It makes Amanda feel special, it is a joy for me, and it will give her a standard to use one day in the future when younger guys want to take her out on a date.

The United States Dhimmicratic Party

The following is quoted {excerpts} from an article entitled Islamic Supremacy at the DNC by

Many people in today’s Democratic party have contempt for religion, but they still have time for prayer. Last Friday, during the Democratic National Committee’s Annual Winter Meeting in Washington, Husham Al-Husainy, Imam of the Karbalaa Islamic Education Center, a Shi’ite mosque in Dearborn, Michigan,
offered an invocation. As the assembled Democrats bowed their heads, Al-Husainy prayed:

In the name of God the most merciful, the most compassionate. We thank you, God, to bless us among your creations. We thank you, God, to make us as a great nation. We thank you God, to send us your messages through our father Abraham and Moses and Jesus and Mohammed. Through you, God, we unite. So guide us to the right path. The path of the people you bless, not the path of the people you doom. Help us, God, to liberate and fill this earth with justice and peace and love and equality. And help us to stop the war and violence, and oppression and occupation. Ameen.

What’s more, if a Christian priest or minister had prayed at a DNC meeting that those attending be guided away from the path of those doomed by God, the outcry would have been swift and shrill. Those whom God dooms? Hardly a concept that fits comfortably into today’s culture of non-accountability, but evidently it was acceptable to the Democrats when coming from a Muslim, although many of them would almost certainly been among the first to condemn the same sentiment coming from a Christian.

In this, in any case, the Imam was echoing the Fatiha, the first sura of the Qur’an and most common prayer of Islam. It asks Allah: “Show us the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast favoured; not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.” The traditional Islamic understanding of this is that the “straight path” is Islam -- cf. Islamic apologist John Esposito’s book Islam: The Straight Path. The path of those who have earned Allah’s anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians. The classic Qur’anic commentator Ibn Kathir explains that “the two paths He described here are both misguided,” and that those “two paths are the paths of the Christians and Jews, a fact that the believer should beware of so that he avoids them. The path of the believers is knowledge of the truth and abiding by it. In comparison, the Jews abandoned practicing the religion, while the Christians lost the true knowledge. This is why ‘anger’ descended upon the Jews, while being described as ‘led astray’ is more appropriate of the Christians.”

Ibn Kathir’s understanding of this passage is not a lone “extremist” interpretation. In fact, most Muslim commentators believe that the Jews are those who have earned Allah’s wrath and the Christians are those who have gone astray.

{End of quoted material}

Do you remember when Pastor Joe Wright opened the Kansas State Senate with a prayer that was later copied by Colorado House Representative Mark Paschall? Both times, members walked out. But now the DNC invites an imam who supports terrorism to open their annual winter meeting in prayer. What kind of man is this and what kind of "peaceful" religion does he promote? Watch the video below as Imam Husham Al-Husainy appeaed on Hannity & Colmes and danced all around the question "Is Hamas a terrorist organization?"

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

Dressin' Up for my Date

My wife is going to be out of town this weekend, I'm not going with her and I've got a date on Friday night with a girl who has caught my eye. Does that sound bad?

I guess for some people, that might not sound bad (shame on you!). But for the rest of us, let me explain. When Amanda and I went geocaching this past Saturday, she traded items at a cache and got a coupon for a free kids meal at Cotton Patch restaurant. She has been anxious to use the coupon, so last night I told her I would take her out on a date Friday night while Momma was gone, and we would go to Cotton Patch.

Well, we were talking about this on the way to school this morning. I reminded Amanda about our date and she asked me if we could dress up. I told her I thought casual would be more fun, but she disagreed. She then told me I needed to ask Brooke to get her (Amanda's) "hair stuff" down from the top shelf of her closet. I reminded her that Mommy would not be here Friday night and I wasn't real good with hair. "That's OK, I can do it myself" she told me, undaunted. So I guess I'll be dressin' up for my date. Check back here for pictures!

Is There a Crack in the "Global Warming" Lie?

From the article Global Warming: The Cold, Hard Facts? in the Canada Free Press:

Global Warming, as we think we know it, doesn't exist. And I am not the only one trying to make people open up their eyes and see the truth. But few listen, despite the fact that I was the first Canadian Ph.D. in Climatology and I have an extensive background in climatology, especially the reconstruction of past climates and the impact of climate change on human history and the human condition.“Few listen, even though I have a Ph.D, (Doctor of Science) from the University of London, England and was a climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg.” . For some reason (actually for many), the World is not listening. Here is why...

...Believe it or not, Global Warming is not due to human contribution of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This in fact is the greatest deception in the history of science {emphasis mine}. We are wasting time, energy and trillions of dollars while creating unnecessary fear and consternation over an issue with no scientific justification. For example, Environment Canada brags about spending $3.7 billion in the last five years dealing with climate change almost all on propaganda trying to defend an indefensible scientific position while at the same time closing weather stations and failing to meet legislated pollution targets. No sensible person seeks conflict, especially with governments, but if we don't pursue the truth, we are lost as individuals and as a society. That is why I insist on saying that there is no evidence that we are, or could ever cause global climate change. And, recently, Yuri A. Izrael, Vice President of the United Nations sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirmed this statement. So how has the world come to believe that something is wrong?...

Read the rest of the story here, and send this link to Weird Al!

One more comment on "global warming" (I'm going to start putting that phrase in "quotes" now since there is no proof it even exists, at least not in the way it is being explained to us). The last time we were seeing record breaking cold temperatures this winter, I blogged about this in the light of "global warming" story. One guy replied: "
On the other hand, its 67 in New York today. Does that mean "Wierd Al" is right? The global warming theory is based on studies over the last hundred years, a cold spell or a hot spell over a few days doesn't mean much one way or the other."

For crying out loud, the guy is arguing with me and making my point at the same time! Let's look at the BIG picture on "global warming". Studies have shown time and time again that it is a cyclical thing with the earth's temperature, not a Doomsday countdown. And please, oh please, let's remember "a cold spell or a hot spell over a few days doesn't mean much one way or the other". Do you think those of the "global warming" religion will hold to this come some of our hot days this summer? By all means, let's listen to the consensus builders!

Keeping Things In Perspective - Cool!

I'll tell you what. I'm proud to be representing African-American coaches, to be the first African-American to win this. That means an awful lot to our country. But again, more than anything -- I said it before -- Lovie Smith and I are not only the first two African-Americans, but Christian coaches showing that you can win and doing it the Lord's way. We're more proud of that. - Tony Dungy

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Amanda Makes Some New Friends

Here's one more picture from yesterday's geocaching. We saw these kids sitting there looking lonely, so Amanda introduced herself and sat down to read with them
The weather has been great this weekend after all the cold and rain we've had recently. Amanda and I went for a six mile bike ride today.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Been Way Too Long!

GeoPunkin and I went geocaching today. We only did 8, but it felt good to be at it again. Here are just a few pics from our adventures today.

A bamboo patch Amanda thought was really cool!

Here's one we found near 7-Eleven on Park Springs and I-20 frontage road.

Amanda always wants to do a the goofy shot, so we did this one for her.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I Know What I Was Made To Do

About my junior year in college, I was having a conversation with my Mom. I knew the Lord had called me into youth ministry and I had decided that was the career path I was going to pursue. My Mom pointed out how that was a little ironic since I was not a natural people-person and since I was a homebody. But we talked about how God equips you to do what He has called you to do, and I think my time as a youth pastor was testament to that very thing.

As a youth pastor, I was bit of an anomaly because I was organized and could administrate things. Not many of my youth pastor friends could do this, and to be honest, even fewer of them cared that they could not! And then, a couple years ago, the Lord changed my heart and my ministry and I transitioned to become the Administrative Pastor at our church. Now that I've been doing this for two years, it feels like this is a more "natural" fit for the gifts God has given me although I am so very thankful for my 15 years and youth pastor and have no doubt I was doing what God wanted me to be doing at the time.

But as natural my career seems, I have found something even better. I have found something that fits my heart's desire like an Isotoner glove fits your hand...I am a Daddy. My eyes are tearing up just sitting here thinking about it. When I first got married, I didn't want to have kids. It wasn't like "I never want kids", I just wasn't in a hurry. And then, only a few months before we found out Brooke was pregnant, something had begun to change in my heart. And then, when I found out I was going to be a Daddy, there was this overwhelming desire to be Daddy to a little girl. And God heard my heart's desire and answered it. If I had to choose just one thing that I think God created me to do in this life, I would have to say it was to be Amanda Kay's Daddy. Of course I couldn't do this without the love of my life, Brooke who is the greatest Mommy to our little girl. We're a team, and it's been quite an adventure!

So why the sudden pouring out of my heart amidst all of my political, anti-monopoly and dumb joke postings? It's because of this song by Rodney Atkins. Brooke listens to 99.5 The Wolf, so it is always on the car and I've been leaving it on recently. There is this song, Watching You, that can make me tear up every time if I let it. He's got a son and not a daughter, but his song is about the awesome privilege and responsibility of being a father. There's just not too much that can beat that. So anyway, here's the video if you want to watch it. If you're a Daddy, I think it will tug at your heart, too.

Tea Anyone?

Amanda having a tea party with Bunny & Puppy

Thursday, February 01, 2007

NFL Stealing Plays from RIAA Playbook

RIAA, the Recording Industry Association of America. They say they are trying to protect the revenue due recording artists. Many feel they have gone overboard threatening people with lawsuits so large they are intimidated into plea bargain type arrangements. Now it seems the NFL is stealing plays from the RIAA playbook.

INDIANAPOLIS — The NFL has nixed a church's plans to use a wall projector to show the Colts-Bears Super Bowl game, saying it would violate copyright laws.

NFL officials spotted a promotion of Fall Creek Baptist Church's "Super Bowl Bash" on the church Web site last week and overnighted a letter to the pastor demanding the party be canceled, the church said. Initially, the league objected to the church's plan to charge a fee to attend and that the church used the license-protected words "Super Bowl" in its promotions.

Pastor John D. Newland said he told the NFL his church would not charge anyone and that it would drop the use of the forbidden words.

But the NFL objected to the church's plans to use a projector to show the game, saying the law limits it to one TV no bigger than 55 inches.

The church will likely abandon its plans to host a Super Bowl party.

You can read the rest of Fox New's NFL Thwarts Church's Plan to Show Super Bowl here.