Sunday, September 11, 2005

I Guess That Leaves Me with the Beanbag

It's been a pretty relaxing weekend for me. Friday night, the church had a lock in for 6-7 year olds. I have relaxed this weekend because I did NOT help with that! Brooke and Amanda were there, so I read almost all day Friday. I finished Monster by Frank Peretti. I've been reading a book by Francis Schaeffer (can't even remember the exact name now), but I've since moved on. I was 80 pages into the book waiting to see if I was going to be able to get anything about it. The quote from Martin Luther below came from this book, but after that I pretty much got lost. Anyway, I'm reading another novel, Battle Born by Dale Brown and I'll pick up a small group book from church tomorrow and read that at the same time. Brooke and I are in a reading mode right now and are really enjoying it.

Saturday was not too exciting. Brooke slept a lot trying to catch up from the lock in. Apparently Amanda got enough sleep because she didn't slow down much. I took a nap and cleaned at church. The lady who cleans our church has her 90 year old mother living with her. Her mother passed away Thursday night so she had a lot going on Saturday. I will be going to the funeral tomorrow while Brooke delivers food from the church to the family and watches kids during the funeral.

Today was church. Pastor preached good message on giving ourselves to the Lord and using our talents, gifts and abilities. After the message, lots of people signed up to for a number of ministry opportunities around the church. We took a nap this afternoon (again, "we" would be Brooke and I) and then we all went to the park to hang out with the Young Marrieds group. Brooke talked and played a little volleyball, I played volleyball and Amanda played with her friends.

Brooke is now in the "reading chair" so I guess that leaves me with the beanbag for reading.

- Rob

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