Friday, September 16, 2005

Lazy Day

Today has been a relaxing day. It was Brooke's day to sleep in, so I got up and got Amanda ready for school. After walking her to school, I came home got a shower and sat down to read my Bible. It was nice and cool outside (cool for Texas anyway), so I opened the front and back doors. As I was sitting at the table looking at how nice it was outside I thought how silly it was to sit inside and look outside when have the table and chairs on the back porch. So I went outside and read my Bible a while longer. I had big plans for the day, a lot of stuff I wanted to add to the church web page, but it was SO nice outside I had to take advantage of it. I went inside, grabbed my book (Battle Born) and a snack and sat down to do some more reading. Brooke got up around 10:30am and brought her cup of coffee and book out on the porch to read with me. We read for another hour and it was SO relaxing. Boo and Sully ran and chased each other outside this whole time and have been totally useless this evening doing nothing but sleep.

This afternoon, I did do some work on the church web page. I worked on some forms so people can sign up to help with upcoming Block Parties and worked on an online SHAPE Inventory (more on that another time). We went to pick up Amanda from school, I took a short nap, Brooke fixed dinner and then we did some homework tonight.

I'm going to post this (without the appropriate picture for now I guess) and try to do a little more reading before I turn in for the night. I've gotten to that "can't put it down" part of my book and want to read until I fall asleep. It's been a good, lazy day.

- Rob

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