Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Five Reasons Why I Love Brooke - #4

Brooke is going out of town for a few days with her brother to visit the family in Alabama. I never like it when Brooke is gone. Rather than just mope, I thought I'd post five reasons (one for each day she is gone) why I love my wife.

Reason Number 4
I love you because you love me. That sounds selfish...maybe I should say one of the things I love about you is the way you love me. They say opposites attract, which seems to have been true with us. But in real life, opposites cause sparks, too.

I don't think I'm the same person I was when you married me in that I have grown up and matured. But compared to you, I haven't changed much. You have changed the way you wear your hair, the color of your hair (the only thing that has changed more than the way you wear your hair), your weight (where did it go?) , the things you are "into", the way you dress and what you do for fun. So here you are changing who you are (so to speak) every few years, and I'm still basically me. I guess it would be pretty easy to get frustrated with that. OK, maybe you do get frustrated with stuff like that sometimes, but you still love me and just when I need to hear it most, you tell me you love me because of who I am.

And then there is the HIGH need for adventure you have versus the LOW need for adventure that I have. I know that can be a source of frustration for you, but you still make time to have a quiet evening at home with our family. You not only take the time to be home (low adventure), but you take the time to enjoy being with your family. I'm trying to do better on doing the same for you and enjoying the high adventure stuff, but again, you set the standard high.

Then there are times like tonight when I was talking about trying to encourage somebody and you said, "You are good at that. That is a new gift God is giving you." You see the best in me, and you say it.

I have heard it said, and I know it is true for me personally, that a guy's number one need from his wife is respect (well, the other thing you thought of too, but this is a public blog!). When you ask me what I think or ask me what something means, I never look at you as less me it comes across as you trusting me and respecting me. Your input and thoughts are never less important, but the times when you "look to me" for things, it does a lot for me. When you are not sure what to do and you ask me about it then follow my lead, that brings me confidence in our relationship. I know you are better than me in certain areas, but I'm glad there are times you can just trust me.

When I'm with you, you let me be the man God created me to be. You encourage me to do the things I am good at, and you laugh with me instead of at me when I mess up on the things I am not so good at. I love it when you say, "That's why God gave you me, Babe"...'cause I know it's true.

That's what I mean by I love the way you love me.

And I love you...with all that is in me.

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