Sunday, September 18, 2005

Just for Mommy

We've put this picture online just for Brooke. Anytime Brooke is not around to get Amanda dressed for church, she ALWAYS asks me, "What did Amanda wear this morning"? Ok, ok already. I messed up one time and now I can never get away from the question? One time (only one time) I put something on Amanda that supposedly didn't go together, and now I get asked "the question" every time. The way I look at it, the kid had clothes on when she went to church, so we were covered (pun intended). I guess women don't look at it that way. And no, I don't think I'm to blame for putting on her Easter dress a month before Easter one Sunday when Brooke was gone. How was I supposed to know it was her Easter dress? Anyway, this one's just for Mommy. We love you!

- Rob

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