Thursday, September 01, 2005

Answer Those Who Cry Out to You

Dear God,

As I read through my posts of the past few days and then I watch the news...I'm convicted. People have lost everything and I'm focused on my racquetball game. It's not that racquetball is wrong, I guess I just know I need to be praying more. Our church is mobilizing to help. The need is just so overwhelming.

Oh God, how can people say we don't need You or act like You don't exist? How can people watch the news and think that man is basically good? Look how scary people get when they are part of a mob. I don't see how anyone can live through this and not turn to You, and yet some people try to blame You. We are a sinful nation, and I repent.

Lord, I pray for those who have lost loved ones. I cannot imagine how that must feel, and then losing your home and all you have on top of that. God, I pray that You will be the strength for those who have no more strength. I pray for the rescue workers as this must be an overwhelming task. I pray for those responsible for making decisions on how to get help out to people...directors of National Security, FEMA, the Red Cross and others. God, I pray for our police officers and military who are putting their lives on the line to serve. Please keep them safe.

And God, as I think of the looters, all I can think about prayer-wise is how David, in the Psalms, prayed that you would avenge him of his enemies and how he prayed for You to destroy them. It's one thing to be in desperate need of food and water, but God, I pray for swift judgment against those who are pillaging people's homes and places of business. I pray God that your judgment would move swiftly.

Why is this not a wake up call to our country, God? How can people not look at this and see how ill-prepared we are to face this one problem. Yes, it's huge, but what would have happened if 5 cities had flooded like New Orleans? What if 5 cities had been nuked? We can't take care of people like we need to, people pillage and riot and the drop of a hat, mob mentality is taking over, people are dying from lack of care and everybody from hospitals to schools are overwhelmed. Oh God, our country needs You like never before! Let this humble us and show us our dependency on You. God, use this to CRUSH our self-reliance...we are totally reliant on You.

Lord, I pray for the children living through this. God, those who have been separated from their parents. Reunite them quickly I pray. Protect the children. Be a Father to those who have lost parents. God, be with those who have nothing on which to build. If Arlington were destroyed, God where would I go? I cannot imagine the hopeless feeling this must bring to so many people. God, let them turn to You. Be their source I pray.

Answer those who cry out to You.


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