Monday, January 14, 2013

Love Our Puppies

Watching TV last night, both puppies wanted to snuggle with me. How can you say "no" to that? I can't do it.

Sully LOVES his space heater. I don't think he could get any closer...his foot is touching it!

I guess Sully finally toasted himself well enough and decided to jump up on the couch. He started scratching and rooting with the blanket so I helped him cover up. He laid this way about 4 minutes and then he out until I went to bed.

Brooke said Boo was cold this morning, so when she hopped up on the couch, I covered her with my sweatshirt. She fell asleep and stayed there until I had to leave for work.

So I bought the 29 gallon fish tank on CraigsList for $50. It came with a filter, undergravel filter, heater, gravel, decorations, air pumps, cover and light.  Seemed like a good deal since the tank alone was "on sale" at PetsMart for $80. It turned out that the filter did not have a cover. They guy said it worked, but there was no cover and a LOT of mineral build up on it. Decided I would need a new filter. The gravel was OK, but we wanted a different look. Did some reading and decided I did not want to use an undergravel filter. I will be using some of the decorations until I am able to get new ones to go along with the theme we'd like.

Last night, we went to PetsMart and bought the new gravel (black gravel with hot pink, blue, yellow and green highlights). WOW, it takes a LOT of gravel for a 29 gallon tank and it ain't cheap. I also bought a new background for the tank. Since that came to $45, decided to wait on the new filter!

Today, we went to PetCo to see what they had. They were having a $1/gallon tank sale. 10 gallon tank for $10, 29 gallon tank for $29. Short version...the opportunity to start new and fresh was just too tempting and Brooke said it was OK for me to buy a new tank. I spent the night cleaning the gravel from the old tank, filling the old tank with water to check for leaks and setting up my CraigsList ad. I'm hoping to recoup my $30 for the new tank. I am keeping the lid, lamp, air pump and some decorations from my original CraigsList purchase, so if I can get $30 reselling the tank, I will still have gotten a good deal. Talked to Dad tonight. He is coming by tomorrow to pick up some fence panels and is bring his idea for a shelf to set the tank on. I am hoping to get a filter by the time he gets that done. When those to items are complete, I'll be ready to add the gravel, add the water, add the decorations I have now and treat the water for fish!

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