Friday, January 04, 2013

Precious Memories

Here's today's goofy blog picture. We ate dinner in the living room tonight and when I went into the kitchen to put some whip cream on my ice cream (uh yeah, the "diet" ice cream), Amanda asked me what I was getting. When I told her, she asked for some, too. When I told her she had nothing to put it on, she said, "My mouth". She asked for it!

While we were in Alabama for Christmas, I decided I would try blogging again this year. I just spent the last hour going through blog posts/pictures from 2005. There are so many precious memories! Right now I am torn between the happiness of all those great memories that I got to re-live and sadness that I slacked off and went a couple years with no real blogging. I don't blog to gain a following...I do it because it is therapeutic for me and it is the BEST way to preserve precious memories. I am making an effort not only to blog regularly this year, but take at least one picture a day, making or recording a memory that I will enjoy looking back on several years from now.

So that's about it...wrapping up a lazy day. Didn't do much today (Friday is my day off), mostly just hung out with the family and relaxed. The week's been busy catching up from being off and getting ready to be out of town 2 days next week for staff retreat. I have a number of projects to work on tomorrow, but I decided to take a break today. One of the most relaxing things I do, and something I have decided to do more of in 2013, is read. I was able to finish A Study in Scarlet, the first novel in my The Complete Sherlock Holmes Kindle book I downloaded (free!). It was definitely good enough to go on to the next novel, The Sign of Four.

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