Saturday, January 05, 2013

Another Great Day With The Fam

Got to sleep in this morning and planned to get up and read my Bible before starting on a few projects today.  I checked my email before sitting down to read and was greeted with an email saying that my bank account had once again taken a hit and we had to have an overdraft transfer from our savings. The $560 worth of fraudulent charges from last week went through! I was on the phone for quite a while with Bank of America, but once again, they credited the charges back to my account same day. Now that the charges actually went through (they were only pending last week), they can pursue whoever got a hold of my debit card account number. That card is cancelled so hopefully we are done with this, but once again, kudos to Bank of America for taking great care of us.

After settling the bank issues, everybody was hungry so we packed The Fam into the car and headed out for a healthy breakfast from Krispy Kreme. Yes, the puppies got to be "Adventure Dog" and go with us. (We use that phrase so much that the dogs get excited and start prancing around when we ask them "Do you want to be Adventure Dog"?)

Paid some bills, finally got to my Bible reading and then went back out with The Fam to do some grocery shopping and support Hobby Lobby buying a picture frame for our new family picture.

It's Saturday and that means hamburger night at the Hurt household. Amanda request home made salsa, too, so I made some of that while the burgers were cooking. It was another great day with The Fam...enjoyed the weekend.

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