Thursday, January 17, 2013

Forty-Four Years Ago Today...

... I was born. I don't remember a lot about it, but then again, I was born at a young age.

For those reading this post 10 years in the future, this is what I looked like at age 44.
At age 34, I had much more hair!

I had an enjoyable day today. All day long the birthday wishes came in on Facebook. It's nice to be thought of on your birthday, even if it's just long enough for somebody to write "Happy Birthday" and hit send. Of course it was a work day, but since Thursday is my Friday (Friday being my off day), that was nice, too. After work, my girls too me to Chili's for dinner. After that, we headed to the pet store to get some fish for Amanda. Unfortunately, we only got one fish (another X-Ray Tetra so the other two could school) because the ammonia level is still too high. I believe I figured out we were using the gravel vac incorrectly, so I hope after another couple water changes and gravel vacs we will be good to go for some more fish in Amanda's tank.

My girls at Chili's. I love them!!!

My birthday present this year is my fish tank. I've got the tank (a new one...was able to sell the one I bought on Craig's List to somebody else on Craig's List and pay for my brand new 29 gallon tank with that money), gravel, light, cover and a heater that I am pretty sure will need to be replaced soon. Dad came by this week with his idea for a fish stand and it is going to be great! I think I will be able to fill my tank and start treating the water once I get the stand from Dad.

My parents called this evening to wish me a Happy Birthday. Brooke and I watch some recorded TV and enjoyed the rest of the evening together. Spent my birthday with my family...and that's the way I like it!

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