Friday, January 11, 2013

Jesus and Jesús

I download a Scripture memory app on my phone and table called Remember Me. It seems like a great program. You can choose your verses, choose your version, assign a key word or description to each verse, make the verse into a puzzle to help you practice learning it or choose other options to help commit the verse to memory. One of the options is to have the verse read to you. On my tablet (rooted Kindle), I do not have this issue, but when I have my Samsung Galaxy II read the verse to me it reads the Scriptures as Jesús Christ instead of Jesus Christ!

Later in the day, I contacted Sprint (via online chat) because we've got no bars here at the house. We have three phones with no bars...two Galaxy II's and and Evo. Sprint told me there had been a problem the day before, but it was "fixed" now. Hmmm...glad to know it's fixed but I still ain't got a signal. We spent a good 35 minutes working on my phone, updating the profile, updating PRL, etc. Of course there were the reboots and the infernal waiting between my typing and a response ("are we still connected?). Finally, something happened to our chat connection because I waited 10 minutes and could not get a response. All along I did not believe it was a phone issue and we were getting no place, so I simply disconnected the chat and went on to something else.

Since our cell signal was weak at best, and usually non-existent, at the house, I was relying on our Wi-Fi connection and using Google Voice on my phone to text and get voice mail message (big Google Voice fan here!). Google Voice was not working properly, so I did chat tech support with Sprint again. I was transferred to a second person to help, and I thought, "Man, if anybody can help me this guy can. I was connected to, no joke..."Jesus C".  Yeah, so I think it was another one of those "Jesus and Jesús" things, but I was hopeful at first! The short version is, the lady I had talked to early somehow disabled Google Voice on my account. Jesus (or Jesús) told me my only option was to cancel my Google Voice account and open a new one. This was really uncool because this would mean when I text somebody using Google Voice (which I frequently do because I can log in with my computer and use the laptop keyboard), a phone number other than my cell number would show up. Thankfully Jesús was not correct...all I had to do was disable Sprint on my Google Voice account, delete the account, set up a new one and re-enable my Sprint connection. Google Voice is back by cell coverage still stinks at the house. Something is not right on Sprint's end.

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