Thursday, January 10, 2013

Retaking Lost Ground

I started Weight Watchers online in February 2011. I weighed 245 pounds when I started. By the end of summer I was down to 200 pounds. My target weight was 170-175. I stayed around 200 until Thanksgiving at which time I gained 10-15 pounds. In 2012, faithfully paid Weight Watchers each month (auto withdraw), but I didn't really track or watch my weight. By Fall of 2012, I was back up to 220. By the time I started back on my diet today, I was up to 233.8 pounds. How frustrating to have worked so hard only to let it slip away. There are a few things to encourage myself with as I start again:

  • I did it before, so I know I can do it again
  • I remember how I felt better, had more energy and could run/play with Amanda more when I lost the weight
  • I am still 11 pounds lighter than I was when I first started
  • It won't hurt so bad and be so miserable once I am into my workout video for a couple weeks!
I also started back on the 30 Day Shred today. I know, it's old school now. But I like it and I know it works for me. There is no way I could do P90 or Insanity. For one, I do not have that kind of commitment. Secondly, I do not have the knees for that kind of nonsense! WOW, this is MUCH easy when you are 30 pounds lighter and have been doing it for months. I can remember when it was "challenging yet enjoyable". Right now, it's feeling more "impossible and miserable", but I know that will change.

Foods That Help Me Lose Weight 
  • Fit and Active ice cream sandwich - 3 points
  • Fit and Active meal replacement shake (with 3 bananas and ice added to make a smoothie) - 5 points
  • Bananas - makes EVERYTHING taste better and...0 points!
  • Dill pickles - 0 points
  • Plain baked potato - 7 points
  • McDonalds grilled chicken salad with low fat Italian dressing - 8 points (I's McDonalds. But George and I go out to eat for lunch ever Wednesday and this is GREAT way to eat out and have a low points meal).
  • Apples - 0 points
  • Bananas - I had to mention them again. They are that great!!!!
  • Fit & Active hot dogs - 1 point
  • Fit & Active mini rice cakes - 9 cakes for 2 points

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