Friday, January 18, 2013

Workout +

I had another enjoyable day today. I knew it was going to be a day to myself because Amanda had school and then is camping with a friend's family this weekend. Brooke is a part of the booster club and so I knew she would be spending the day getting ready for tonight's basketball games.

I slept in until 8:30 or so, checked Facebook, read some articles and then got ready to do my 30 Day Shred workout. I recently downloaded a Scripture memory app, and so I thought I'd try something while I worked out today.

I took three of the Scriptures I am working on right now (only two can be seen in this picture) and taped them to my walls. As I worked out, I memorized and quoted the verses. Two of the three verses today were review, but I think they really stuck. Plus, keeping my mind busy helped my workout seem to go more quickly. I really like it. Now I would like to type and print the Scriptures. I want to break them down, line by line, to make them easier to remember. I didn't get around to that part today. Maybe tomorrow.

After that, I gave George a call and headed over to his place. He purchased at 32 inch flat screen at the beginning of the month and has had a lot of trouble with it. I helped him pack it up and we exchanged it for a different brand. Not only did it save George $40, but the remote is set up differently and easier for George to use. 

After that, I called my friend Ken who is in the hospital after knee replacement yesterday. He said pain meds were making the pain manageable, but he was not able to do physical therapy because the nerve blocker still had not work off enough for him to be able to put weight on his leg. We prayed that would be remedied (as well as praying for a full, speedy recovery) so he can go home on Sunday.

Leaving the hospital from visiting with Ken and his wife Carol for a while, I headed home to get Amanda's bike read for her to go camping. I had just a few minutes before it was time to pick up Amanda from school. We came home, she grabbed her stuff and then I dropped her off an her friend's house. Got an IM from Amanda at 11pm saying they had just gotten settled in. She is looking forward to fishing, canoeing and good camp good this weekend.

Last night, after eating out, we got gas and Amanda saw a fish store we had not noticed before.  We pulled up right in front of the store, but before we could go in, the lady we pulled in next to asked if we could give her car a jump. Of course we did, but in the meantime, the store closed. Tonight, I went back to The True Percula. Wow! The place is incredible. They have both fresh and salt water fish. Live plants, giant tanks and even sell $249 fish! But the best part is they are very knowledgeable, friendly and will be a good resource. I will definitely have to take Brooke and Amanda to check out this place.

Sprint called me at home this evening in regards to a frustrated email I sent them yesterday. It's been a week that we have been without reliable cell service in our immediate area (home and church). I have been trying to tell Sprint that it is a network/tower issue and not my phone, but every time I call, I am told there are not network issues in my area. Once I am transferred up the chain, I am told, "Yes, there does seem to be an issue with a tower in your area. It seems to not be working at all." I was told twice a ticket had been issued to check the tower, then I was told I would have to go to a Sprint store and have them OK my phone before they would issue a work order for a tower. All in all, it's been a week and I've spent over 4 hours talking with Sprint, but I think I finally got through to the right department. I am hopeful the issue can now be resolved.

Brooke got home from the basketball game so she brought home a bite to eat and we watched a couple (old) episodes of Big Bang Theory. She fell asleep on the couch and then went to bed. I did a water change for Amanda's tank and I believe I discovered that we were not using the gravel vac correctly. I was never actually putting the vacuum down in the gravel. Before tonight, I just moved the vac through the water and drained the water. Duh! I am hoping that a few more water changes, and correct vacuuming technique, will get the chemical levels right so Amanda can add some more fish.

Having put away the fish tank supplies, I sat down, posted a couple blogs, and I plan to watch one more recorded episode of Big Bang Theory before going to bed. I had to take a Tylenol for my capped front tooth. The tooth is fake, so it is totally weird that it hurts. When it got loose last time and they had to glue it back in, my "giant tooth" looked even more giant because it sticks down further than it did before. I think, because it sticks down further, I bite down on it more than my other teeth and perhaps even when I sleep. This is what I attributed the pain to before because it usually hurts after sleeping. I took a 20 minute nap before dinner tonight I don't think that was enough to grind my teeth and make this one hurt like it does, but I guess we'll see what happens. The dentist told me there are not any options which are not VERY expensive. so I'm praying this will pass.

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