Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tomorrow Is The Big Decision

Amanda, bless her heart, has had trouble with her earrings ever since she got her ears pierced.  You can read earlier posts about the difficulty when it was time to take out her "starter" earrings.  Well, things seemed to be going better until today.  Because of the previous problems, Amanda has been "super sensitive" shall we say whenever her earrings are changed out.  Yesterday, we tried some pink turtle earrings she got.  Well, something happened with they way they were glued and the turtle part came off tonight and the plain post irritated Amanda's ear.  Taking the earrings out was another ordeal and Amanda said she didn't want pierced ears anymore.  Not liking pain myself, I could understand.  I told her we would keep them out tonight (we=Brooke, she is the earring person...Amanda does not feel I am compassionate and gentle enough!) and then she can make a decision about whether to keep the earrings or wait until she is older when she wakes up in the moring.  She was upset, so I took her back to bed and laid there holding her while she cried and tried to go back to sleep.  That's when she went all "female" on over the difficulties of the decisions we have to make in life (i.e. to keep the earrings or to wait until she is more grown up).  It did not seem to comfort her much when I laughed and told her she was acting like a woman (never seems to comfort Brooke much, either).  I loved on her some more and then her mother came in and took my place.  Both are asleep now, so we'll wait until tomorrow for the big decision.


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