Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm Trying to be More Spontaneous

Brooke told me that she and Amanda were going to spend time with the Frazier's tomorrow and Heidi asked if Amanda could just spend the night tonight since she would be there tomorrow anyway. When I found out Amanda would be gone for the evening, I thought about our friends who have the Harley and said we could "borrow" it sometime. I asked Brooke is she wanted to see about borrowing the bike for the night so she called. Our friends said that would be fine and so we were set. After our Life Group was over and after Brooke finished up with children's ministry at the church for the night, we went to get the bike.

We got to their house around 9:00 PM. The guy who has the bike was on a business trip, but his wife was home. He had to walk me through how to change out the seat from the single seat to the double seat (over the phone), so we pulled out around 9:30. We headed to Duncanville to see my parents and let Dad see the bike. I took Dad for a spin around the block and then Brooke and I left. This time, we traveled back to Arlington but stayed off the highway. We took the back roads and chilled out to Smooth Jazz 107.5, the Oasis on the bike's radio. The temperature was perfect, riding the relaxing back roads and listening to jazz was romantic.

We hadn't eaten any dinner, so Brooke suggested we stop by IHOP. An omelet, pancakes and hot fudge brownie sundae later we were full and sleepy. We just got home. I wanted to blog this and now I've got to get to bed before I fall asleep at the keyboard. We had a great night. Brooke likes being spontaneous, so I'm trying to be more spontaneous.


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