Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Packed Weekend and Week to Come

Well, it's been a busy weekend. Amanda is now sitting next to me playing a computer game after "the accident". We were sitting down watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (which makes me cry EVERY time I watch it) and Amanda announced she wanted to ride her bike. When she got up and turned off the TV, I knew she was serious (she rarely wants to turn off the TV). She wanted to go riding around, but I suggested we go to the parking lot of the church to practice first since she is still in the learning phase and has not ridden in six weeks. Guess it was a good thing since we no sooner got into the parking lot and she W I P E D O U T big time! I didn't see the accident, but as I was walking up the drive I heard her start screaming. She just sat there on the ground waiting for me to get there. She banged up her knee pretty good, so we came home, put ice on it, watched the rest of Home Make Over and cried. Amanda is supposed to start VBS at another church tomorrow, but she may not be walking around too much.

But that was just this evening. On Friday morning, Amanda and I took the bus and drove the Nicaragua team to the airport for their 6 day trip. They flew from DFW to Houston and then from Houston to Managua. I just talked to Brooke this afternoon. They sat on the runway at Houston for an hour so they did not get into Managua until 10:30pm. They were met there and then spent the night at hotel at the airport. They went to Sandy Carter's place (the missionary they are working with) on Saturday, but I did not get too many details about what they did on Saturday. Today, they went to a church and Pastor preached the 3 services they had. They were at church from 7:30am to 1:00pm. This afternoon, they packed school supply bags for kids. Don't know if we'll get to talk to Brooke anymore this week or not. We're already ready for Mommy to come home.

Friday evening, Amanda and I went to the church and helped hand out fliers for our upcoming block party. After that, Amanda went to spend the night with her best friend, Abigail. I stopped by the youth building and hung out with Pastor Shaun and the youth there for a while and then came home and worked on updating the church web page.

Saturday, I got up and met some guys at the church and we headed to Alpine shooting range. We did some 5 stand skeet shooting. I have never tried it before, and although I did not do too well, it was enjoyable. There are 5 different shoot locations, and at each one skeet comes from 5 different locations on the field. So one round is 25 clays. First round I hit 5, second round it was 9. From there, we grabbed a burger at Burger Box and I went to meet Amanda at one of her friend's' birthday swimming party. She had a great time and we got home around 4:30pm. We ate dinner together and watch one of the movies Amanda rented from the library. After Amanda went to bed, I gave both of the dogs haircuts (Sully is "skinned chicken dog" again") and finished listening to The Shark Mutiny on CD.

Today, my good friend Brad Irons preached while Pastor is out of town. He preached an excellent message on the Judgement of God. I know, you would expect that to be a "hellfire and brimstone message", but it was not. The main point is we have to face God's judgement (instead of turn from it or ignore it) if we want to find His mercy. It was an excellent message. you can hear it here (for the next month or so). This afternoon, Amanda and I had one of our favorites when Mommy is not home...chicken spaghetti. Then we took a nap, got up and did all the stuff I told you about at the beginning of this post.

And the rest of this week is not going to slow down much, but that is a good thing since we both miss Brooke badly. Monday night, our new friend George (see post last month) is coming over for dinner. On Tuesday night, our friends the Kings invited us over. Wednesday night is church. Thursday night, our friends the Hankins invited us over for dinner, and Friday...BROOKE COMES HOME! YEA!! So it's been a packed weekend and week to come.


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