Sunday, July 10, 2005

Steve Camp Blog

Sometime during my college years, I think around 1990, I got this cd by Steve Camp Doing my Best. I was particularly affected by (read "convicted by") a song entitled "Don't Tell Them Jesus Loves Them".

Here's part of the lyrics:

....And a young girl sells herself on Seventh Avenue
And you hear her crying out for help

"My God, what will we do"

Don't tell them Jesus loves them 'till you're ready to love them, too

Till your heart breaks from the sorrow and the pain they're going through

With a life full of compassion, may we do what we must do

Don't tell them Jesus loves them 'till you're ready to love them, too

I haven't listened to this CD in a while, or any other of my Steve Camp cd's for that matter. This weekend, I was reading my Internet for Christians e-newsletter and came across an article that listed Steve Camp's blog. I went and read the article they were referring to, and then I started reading more. Man, most of his blog is as convicting at this song.

I'm starting a collection of blogs I read from regularly...this is my newest edition. It's worth a read if you're looking to sensitize your heart. If you don't like feeling convicted, you might want to pass on this one.


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stephen said...

Ah yes, the greatness of Steve Camp. He was to the 80's what Keith Green was to the 70's. A modern day prophet that encouraged and rebuked, all in the same breath. I have all his albums. Seeing this jacket cover makes me want to get those out again and be reminded of passion, mission, faith and love for all.

Quick question- "Who was the musical prophet for the Church in teh 90's? How about this decade?"