Friday, July 29, 2005

Patrick Robinson Books

I told you I'm a slow reader, right?  And when I'm reading a book that contains material I may want to share with others, I am painfully slow because I have to underline everything I may ever want to remember or share with somebody else.  I still read pretty slow, but when I'm reading a "fun" book (no underlining required), it doesn't take nearly so long.  For instance, I was able to read a 385 page paperback novel in 4 days while on vacation.

Because I enjoy reading, because I have SO MANY books that require underlining, because I don't get through the underlining books very quickly and because I tend to get discouraged/bogged down taking so long to read these books, I have come up with a plan to keep myself motivated.  I read one "good for me" book (the kind that require underlining) and then one "fun" book (the kind that do not require underlining).  While on vacation, I finished both my novel and the small group book I was reading.  I finished the novel first and then the small group book, so even though I technically started the "good for me" book first, I rationalized I finished a fun book and then a good for me book, so it was time for another fun one!  It is so relaxing to sit down with a good book that I wanted to take some of that relaxation home.

So when we came home, we made a trip to the library because Brooke had finished her books while on vacation, too.  I enjoy reading military-type novels (Navy SEALS, submarines, spies, aircraft, etc) and while at the library, I saw Hunter Killer by Patrick Robinson.  I saw a Navy emblem on the front, so I picked it up to see what it was about.  As I read what the book was about, I quickly saw it was right down my ally.  And then I started looking at other books by Patrick Robinson.  Barracuda 945 was listed there.  This was another EXCELLENT naval novel I had read on my Palm Pilot during vacation a couple years ago.  I kept reading and The Shark Mutiny was also listed.  Yes, I was definitely going to like this book.  You see, way back when we took a trip to Alabama, I don't know how long ago, I got Shark Mutiny on CD to listen to while I drove (we leave at Midnight and drive 12 hours to Brooke's parents).  It is the unabridged version of the book, so I think it is like 12 CDs long...maybe a couple more.  Anyway, I never got it finished, so I've been listening to parts of it on and off for a while now.  I told myself not to get Hunter Killer until I had finished listening to Shark Mutiny, but Hunter Killer looked so good I could not help myself.

So now I am doing something very contrary to my personality...I am "reading" two books at one time.  I am a very systematic (and sometimes legalistic) book at a time so that I can give my full attention to what I am reading.  But now I find myself listening to Shark Mutiny on the way to and from the Maverick Club in the morning and reading Hunter Killer in the evening.  They are both written by Patrick Robinson, they both are naval novels involving submarines and they even have a few characters in common.  Two different stories and different plots which I've been able to keep straight so far.

All I can say is, if you like movies like Hunt for Red October, Crimson Tide or U-571 you would definitely like any book-to-movie by Patrick Robinson.  The good news for me is I now know of at least five more Patrick Robinson books I can read in between "good for me" books of course...and definitely only one at at time.


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