Monday, July 04, 2005

It was a Fun Day

It is after Midnight, and we just got back from the lake. Some friends from church own a cabin on Lake Bowie and invited us out to their place with a few other friends and their family. We had a great day. Our first adventure for the day was when Amanda and I got to go tubing behind their boat. They were pretty gentle with us, but we did get some air time! Amanda did not like going airborne, but other than that thought the tubing was a blast. Later, I got to ride by myself and go a little was fun. I also got to drive the boat and pull somebody else...probably the most enjoyable for me. Later in the day, I went out with the guys trying to water ski. I say "trying" because only two of the four of us got, I was not one of them. I tried getting up four times (almost made it the last time), but felt bad making them keep coming back to get me, so I let someone else take a turn. I haven't been on water skis since high school, but I thought I could do it. Guess I'll have to try another time. When the sun went down, we shot a few fireworks before heading home.

Amanda loved tubing and riding in the boat. In the late afternoon, she got to throw a couple of those firework poppers...I don't know what the real name is. They are the little BB size things full of powder. You throw them on the ground and they pop. She enjoyed those more than the sparklers, I think. Brooke went out on the boat when we were tubing and spent some time with Amanda swimming in the lake. The rest of the day she enjoyed hanging out and talking to everybody there. We just got back...and it was a fun day.


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hammond said...

Hey guys. I am enjoying reading about your family and I am envious about those "fun days!" Keep posting.