Saturday, July 09, 2005

Streaming Audio - My Father's Day Sermon

I'm just now getting around to digitizing my Father's Day sermon "Heart of the Matter". It's online here now. Even with a dial-up connection you should be able to stream it.

Since the sermon did not get recorded digitally, I got the tape and did it myself. I used my little portable tape player (thus the quality is not super great) and ran a cable from the headphone jack into my laptop's mic jack. Both ends of the cable had a 2.5mm jack on it. You can find one of these at Radio Shack. I used the free program Audacity ( to do the actual recording.

To create a streaming MP3 file, open up Notepad and type in the address where the actual MP3 file is. For example, the MP3 file I am streaming here is HeartOfTheMatter.mp3 It is on our church server. So I created a plain text file and named it HeartOfTheMatter.m3u In this file is just one line of text... When you click on the link above to hear my sermon (if you do that), the file links to and that file will automatically begin streaming the MP3 file.


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