Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sully Is Feeling Better Now

Our black Cocker Spaniel, Boo, has awakened us from time to time in the middle of the night with that sound all dog owners are familiar with...the gurgling sound, the choking and finally the eruption as the dog pukes.  Boo has a "sensitive stomach" and any time she eats something she shouldn't (a stick, a cricket, etc) it comes back up.  Sully, our black Schnauzer, on the other hand, eats "stuff" outside all the time and never seems to have any problems...until today.  I let the dogs outside before leaving for work and I let them play outside for a little while.  I should have known better...to them, "play" means find something you should not chew on, let alone eat, and ingest it!

It seems Sully finally found something a bit too much even for his iron stomach.  First breakfast came up, and then there were two more eruptions to make sure it was all out.  Between eruptions two and three, I came home to check on him (after Brooke had cleaned up two messes).  I tried to get him to play with his favorite blanket, and he just laid on the floor looking at me.  We knew he was not feeling well when he would not play with the blanket.  Then I took the dogs outside.  He went out and did his business but then he laid down in the grass (he never does that).  We finally coaxed him back in the house where he laid down again.

A few minutes later, we had eruption number three.  That one seemed to purge his system and he seemed a bit more cheerful after that.  He seemed OK enough to go in the crate with Boo and so we got back to work. By lunch time he was feeling much better, and by the time we got home from work he was his typical spastic self.

I'm sure Sully learned nothing from this experience, but we did...we'll not let him "play" outside unattended for so long.  But we're just glad Sully is feeling better now.


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Meagan Henning said...

Glad to hear Sully is felling better. Sick dogs are worse than children sometimes!