Monday, August 29, 2005

It Makes for Good Family Time

We've got a new routine in the Hurt household...dinner, HOMEWORK, play, bath and then bed. Kindergarten had a little assignment here and there to do together, but now we've started homework for real! Brooke and I could not believe all of the stuff Amanda is supposed to learn this year according to her teacher, Mrs. Foreman, in our first parent meeting. We read, read, read and then read some more. Then there is math homework, too. Right now, we are doing things like 4+1=? so Daddy can help. By the time Amanda gets in Jr. High, she will be beyond Daddy's ability to help in math! But tonight we read together (wow, it really does seem like she does better each and every day), and in the picture here, we are playing a word "game" to learn how to spell words and put sentences together. For now, Amanda enjoys all this learning so it makes for good family time. We are praying she will always enjoying learning this much.

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