Saturday, August 27, 2005

Daddy, It Feels Like My Legs Are Controlling Me

Brooke picked up this treadmill at a garage sale for $15 last weekend. We were told it worked, so we got it hoping it really did. We plugged it in on the back porch and it worked, so we cleaned it up and brought it in the house. The treadmill part worked, but the digital part that shows how far you walked, how long, how fast, etc. did not work. Brooke found a battery compartment, replaced the batteries and "fixed the problem"...until the next day when the digital part quit working. Oh, they come on and show pretty "0's" across the display, but they never move. But hey, at least the treadmill part still works, so we're happy for $15.

When Amanda say it, she could not wait to use it. We put her on it and she wanted to run. I told her it was more about how long she could do it than how fast, so she determined to go LONG time. She walked about a mile and a quarter and decided she had enough. When she got off, she was a little wobbly and said, "Daddy, it feels like my legs are controlling me instead of me controlling them!"


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