Friday, August 19, 2005

I'll Grab a Bite Before We Leave

Nothing else too exciting has gone on so far this week. Tuesday night we went over to the Kerrs and cleaned their pool again while they are out town and then Amanda and I swam for a while.

Wednesday was a bit more interesting. Brooke took Amanda to the dentist because she has a molar that is either chipped or got a very large cavity very quickly. They wanted to clean her teeth first, but she threw a fit, started crying...the whole works. Brooke tried talking to her and I tried "talking" to her over the phone as only Daddy can do, but that didn't work either. She now has to go back in two weeks and try again. Mommy has promised her Polly Pockets or a Barbie if she is good, Daddy has threatened her within an inch of her life if she is not good. Hopefully one of those two approaches will work!

Wednesday afternoon, Brooke was not feeling to good so she decided she would not work at church that night (which she has done every single Wednesday since she went on staff). It was REALLY GREAT to have her at Life Group with me this week. I'm hoping she might be able to find somebody to rotate weeks with her so she can come to Life Group at least every other week.

Last night, I went with Dad to his church's men's meeting. I was invited to come and share and appreciated the invitation. We had some GREAT BBQ...brisket, sausage, hot links, baked beans and slaw (the only item I passed on). After the meal and hanging out for a bit, I shared my message using the letters of the word H.E.A.R.T. to share what God's Word says about our heart and how we can better overcome sin in our lives by serving God with our whole heart. It went well, the guys were very nice and the food was GREAT.

Today I was surfing the Internet before I posted this. I came across a page about the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The information there is copyrighted and I could not do it justice with a summary, so I'll just put the link HERE. I've linked to their FAQ page, and there is less than 5 minutes of reading there, but it is fascinating to read of the dedication of those guards and the honor they show at the Tomb. If you like to feel a patriotic beat to your heart, check it out.

Brooke is out getting some blood work done and will be back shortly so we can go have lunch with Amanda at school today. I skipped breakfast, so I think I'll grab a bite before we leave.


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