Wednesday, August 31, 2005

All That Fun Just Wore Us Out

Brooke got to go to dinner with some of the ladies she used to work with last night which meant that Amanda and I were on our own. After a gormet meal of BBQ weenies and macaroni & cheese, we did some homework. We spent about 25 minutes reading and doing some math work, and then it was time for something "fun".

We took Boo and Sully with us and headed out on our adventure. Our first stop was McDonalds for a chocolate shake for Amanda and a chocolate dipped cone for Daddy. Then we headed over to Lake Arlington. We knew this might be "interesting" because Sully (or Schnauzer) is a BIG chicken dog and he barks at everything that scares him. So when it was time to walk, we kept telling Sully what a good and brave boy he was, and he did pretty well. We walked, Amanda played on the playground, we watched some boats get put into the lake and then we watched the geese walking around. The part about watching the geese didn't last too long because Sully saw them...and started barking at them...NON-STOP. It was time to go home anyway, so we loaded everybody into the car and headed home.

Once home, Amanda got a bath (to wash off all the mud she picked up walking near the lake) and she got into bed around 8:30pm. I always lay in the bed with her and pray with her (and usually get coerced into telling an animal story as well), so I laid down and we prayed. I was tired, so I thought I'd take a quick nap. Well, the quick nap lasted for an hour until I got up and moved into my own bed. I woke up at 10:15pm when Brooke came home, but I didn't get up. I slept in until 5:15am this morning, so I guess I got in my 8 hours of sleep for the night. All of that fun just wore us out!

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