Monday, August 29, 2005

God Answers

Friday evening, Brooke got a very scary phone call...MaMa Gin (her grandmother) had a stroke.  The ambulence was taking her to the hospital as Brooke spoke to her sister on the phone.  As Friday came to a close, the doctors confirmed that it was indeed a stroke that appeared to have happened on her left side paralizing her right side and taking away her speech as well.  Jill (Brooke's sister) said MaMa Gin just had a blank stare on her face.

On Saturday, Brooke called and MaMa Gin seemed to be doing a bit better.  She was moving her left arm and when Jill put the phone to her ear and Brooke spoke to her, her eyes light up.

On Sunday, Brooke called, Jill put the phone to MaMa Gin's ear and after Brooke said, "I love you Mama Gin, and I'm praying for you", MaMa Gin said "OK, thank you"...she was talking!

Today, she is talking more, doing what the doctors are asking her to do and was even sitting up tonight.  The doctors say she will probably need 24 hour care now, but they are encouraged with how well she is doing.  We are thankful for prayer and that God answers!

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