Sunday, August 21, 2005

Guess I'll Have to Wear the Ones Brooke Thinks Are Ugly...

We got up and went to church this morning (nothing new there with it being Sunday and all) and my friend Stan preached. You can hear him online by visiting our church website at and clicking on the Online Sermons link.

After church, Brooke informed me we were going out to lunch with our friends the Windles. Sounded good to me, so we met them (and a few teenagers/college kids) at Mercardo Juarez. Having polished off a LARGE plate of chicken quesadillas and WAY, WAY too many chips with salsa, I was sitting there thinking how miserably full I was. About that time I looked down at my watch and noticed it was 2:35 PM. Just a few moments after that, I remembered I was supposed to meet another friend, Aaron, for a 3:00 PM racquetball game! Not only was I STUFFED, but we did not have our check and I was running out of time to get there. Brooke told me she would catch a ride home, so I took off. I got home, hung all of my clothes over a chair, changed into my gym clothes and headed to the Maverick Club. It took about a game and a half to get all that Mexican food digested enough to play for real, but I managed. We played six games of which I won but two (sad).

Having sweated off what felt like 20 pounds (it looked more like 20 ounces), I headed for the showers and then came home. When I walked into my office to put my clothes away that had been hanging on the chair, I noticed my dress shoes (a Christmas present from Brooke) in the middle of the floor. I knew, if they survived, they would at least be missing shoelaces courtesty of whatever dog had dragged the shoe into the middle of the floor. Sure enough, I was missing the shoelaces from both of my shoes...along with the tongue in one of the shoes! I picked up the shoe and looked at Sully...he was ready to play fetch. I looked at Boo who immediately hunkered down and ran into the other room. "Accidently" the shoe "slipped" from my hand and went hurling in her direction as she ran for her cage (where she stayed locked up for the next hour).

So I was mad at Boo for the next hour thinking about my ruined shoes. But then Brooke let her out of her cage and she came running up to me to apologize (really). How can you stay mad at something that cute...and that genuninely sorry? OK, if you're not a dog person, I guess you could do it, but I couldn't. I loved her and now my dress shoes are but a fond memory. Guess I'll have to wear the ones Brooke thinks are ugly...until she gets tired of them again and buys me another pair.


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