Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23rd.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I guess I only need a few more to tell you about this picture.

Thursday, August 23rd.

1:55 PM - Amanda standing on a skate board (STANDING, not skating). Somehow skateboard shoots out from under her. Amanda falls. Arm hurts and Amanda cannot move it.

2:00 PM - Rob, Brooke and Amanda en route to emergency room. Beginning of pain and crying.

2:20PM - They take us back. Very nice paramedic talks with Amanda to find out what happened (he could have worked at a children's hospital...he was really good). X-rays needs...LOTS of screaming. Diagnosis - dislocated elbow. IV started to administer morphine and medicine to make her "semi-conscious" so elbow can be popped back into place. LOTS more screaming and not enough sitting still...had to poke a second time. Amanda figured out that moving around meant more pokes, so she sat still second time. Also discovered that the needle stick was not near as bad as she had imagined it in her mind. Morphine helped her calm down. Then it was time for the REALLY COOL medicine. They gave it to Amanda via her IV, she closed her eyes as if asleep, they had us leave the room and three minutes later we were back. Amanda's arm was being wrapped in a splint, she was not in pain, it was popped back in place, she asked "Am I dreaming?" and had no recollection of anything that had taken place during those three minutes.

4:00 PM - A few muscle tremors and it was all over.

5:00PM - That nice paramedic brought Amanda a Popsicle and unhooked her from everything.

5:30 PM - FINALLY discharge papers arrived, we were harassed about paying our $100 deductible right then (which we did not do) and we left for home.

Thursday, August 23rd.

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