Saturday, August 25, 2007

Geocaching in Mesquite

Amanda and I went to a geocaching event today called Milestone Event for Geocaching Achievements in Mesquite. We cached on the way there, had some WONDERFUL smoked BBQ for lunch, got to hang out with nearly 200 other geocachers, met "The Outlaw" who is a geocacher with over 8,000 finds and came away with some pretty cool geocaching "stuff". Amanda and I didn't have a very good day cache-wise (only 7 caches in as many hours of geocaching), but we decided we still had a great day just hanging out together.

This is what greeted us at our first cache. Actually, this was just the first such GIANT spider that greeted us at our first cache. No, we did NOT find this cache and no, we did NOT stick around after seeing this thing!

Do you see it? The little magnet box behind the post? GeoPunkin spotted this one today.

This little guy was not near as scary as the giant spiders we saw today. Still, I was too chicken to pick him up.

Sometimes you gotta cross a creek, and in my thinking, the drier you can do it the better.

GeoPunkin followed me across the creek, complete with arm in a sling (from yesterday's elbow dislocation "incident")

I kept telling Amanda to smile "normally". Finally I threatened to blog the picture if she did not stop. She didn't.

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