Sunday, August 19, 2007

Geocacing Finds 425-432

Saw another road runner while out geocaching today. The picture is not real clear because I had to crop the picture to make the bird big enough to see, but I found him at the park today. I think this is the third one I have seen.

Here's a picture of a rabbit I saw at the Rush Creek Rabbits Cache today.

Here's me with the actual cache.

Rush Creek Rock was the most fun cache I did today. When I originally read the cache description, I thought perhaps this was more adventure than I wanted today: Cliffs, springs, unique aquatic vegetation, and an ammo box full of good stuff, including rocks and related items. What could be better than that. . . . and did I mention mud? . . . briars . . poison ivy . . . sweet! So I had it marked down as a "maybe". I had just completed a cache where I had walked about 1/3 mile from the car. I found that cache and was heading back to the car when I let the GPS search for the next nearest said go BACK another 2/10's of a mile, so I turned around and went for it (not realizing I was heading for the "maybe" cache). When I got there, I came to a creek and debated about crossing it. Found a shallow, narrow area but knew it would get my hiking boots wet to cross it. But hey, what good are hiking boots if you can't do some "real" hiking in them, right? So I crossed and walked down the dry side of the creek bed. The closer I got to where the GPS said the cache was going to be, the louder the thought came "it's gonna be back on that other side of the creek". It was. I saw it clearly. By this time, it must have been in the upper 80's with at least that much humidity and I was already a half mile away from my car. There was no way I was leaving without signing the log, so I just had to decide between "cross back where I came from, walk way around and then try to find it coming down" or "cross shin-deep water and try not to slip on the mossy rocks and get the cache quicker". I opted for the latter, TOTALLY soaked my boots for the rest of the day and proudly signed the cache. If you click on the picture and enlarge it, you should be able to see the cache clearly.

And here is a map of my travels for the 8 Finds and 2 Did Not Finds I had for the day. It's just a screen shot turned into a JPG, so the zoom arrows, etc will not work.

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