Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Highlights

Been a busy weekend. Here's just a few highlights.

Spent most all day Friday and until 5pm on Saturday working on Holy Spirit teaching for our church's iGrow classes. The classes started today and I had to get my part done to print the manuals. We had 12 people today and think we will have at least 2 more joining us. I have the privilege of overseeing these doctrine/discipleship classes, and I really enjoy it. We have different staff members and elders teaching and it interesting to see different people respond to the different styles of our teachers. Our youth pastor, Pastor Shaun, taught on salvation today. He is a storyteller and a number of people who have never heard him teach before really enjoyed hearing from him today.

Today was busy as normal. I usually get to church around 8am to get the computer ready (I head up the team that runs the worship software, video announcements and Power Point for Pastor's sermon), to get iGrow stuff ready and to make sure the Greeting Team has everything they need. I ran the computer in second service and began training a new person to work as part of the team.

After church we went to lunch with a precious lady in the church who has adopted a number of special needs kids. She and her family are great and we enjoyed spending time with them.

After getting up from a brief Sunday afternoon nap, I had two messages on my phone. One was from a friend who was checking into the hospital tonight with bad arthritis and the onset of diabetes. The other was from a friend who just went and picked up his new motorcycle yesterday. So I called to check in on my first friend and went to visit the second.

Then I went for a bike ride, replaced the log book at one of my caches, came home and watch a little TV with the fam, cleaned my office and am now blogging. The only other plans I really have for the evening is to do some more reading on the first book of a trilogy I have started, Black by Ted Dekker.

One more thing. You may notice something new along the right side of my blog. It says "Rob's Twitter Status". I had heard about Twitter before but wasn't too impressed. A friend of mine mentioned it to me again not long ago and I looked at it again this week. There's not much to Twitter, you just sign up for a free account and send a quick post whenever you want to tell people what you are doing. I don't know why I like it, but I'm kinda hooked right now. It's certainly not like there is anything exciting about my life. I just think it's kinda cool you can log onto my blog and see what I've been up to. I could see how it would be fun if you had a bunch of friends on Twitter. I don't know...the draw may not last, but I'm having fun with it for now.

I still really enjoy my turtles. This is my favorite, Little George, going for a swim. Little George knows who I am...I'm the food guy. This little bugger is what I call a "meat-eating turtle". The other two enjoy lettuce and fruits as well as worms and bugs, but Little George is pretty much a meat-only guy. It is fun when I get into their pen with a box of worms...he literally comes running. If I don't get him something to eat pretty quickly, he tries my toes to see if they are giant worms!

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almondjoy said...

wow! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love the turtle! And the name is adorable!