Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Things

If you've been following my blog this last week, you've read about the grueling parking lot work trying to remove dirt and grass that has taken over the edges of our church parking lot. Looking at what was left to do and the number of day left until the parking lot people are coming to stripe and resurface the parking lot, I realized I could not get it done on my own. I called an "emergency work day" for this Saturday and sent out an email asking 8-10 guys to meet me in the church parking lot this Saturday from 8am-10am to finish up. I just sent out a second email saying "Good news...we don't need to work on Saturday!"

I had considered getting a Bobcat or some other such equipment out to the church, but while shoveling up the dirt and grass, I realized that would tear up the asphalt. But all that time in the sun made me desperate for some sort of solution other than shovels and straight hoes. On Tuesday, I bought a stiff-bristled push broom to help clean up where I had removed grass and dirt. I took it to the grassy dirt area we had not done yet and began to sweep. The grass did not go away, but it did move some dirt. Thus, the idea pictured above was born...and it worked! I rented an 8 foot sweeper, swept over the dirt area 10-12 times, spent about 30 minutes with the shovel and hoe and it was done. The area looks great, I didn't have to spend another 4 days shoveling and we do not need another work day. These are all good things.

Speaking of good things...anniversaries are good things. Brooke was a bit disappointed that I did not blog about our 14th wedding anniversary this past Tuesday, June 12th. It's not that I forgot and not that it's not meaningful, it's just that we didn't get to do anything special that day. The bad news is, our schedule is pretty crazy right now on the weekends with VBS and all, but I'm working on something special for next Friday night, June 22. VBS will be over and I'm hoping to help Brooke relax and get away from it all for a short time. I can't tell you anymore because Brooke reads my blog too, but I'll have other pictures to share with you after next weekend. Good things.

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