Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our House Guest

Here's a picture of Boo (our black Cocker Spaniel) with our house guest for the week, Rosie. Some friends have been on vacation and, being the dog lovers that we are, we volunteered to keep their dog while they were gone. Besides, Sully (our other dog) LOVES to play and since Rosie is a puppy, we thought he'd enjoy a little hyper-active company. Rosie has been a wonderful guest whining and scratching at the back door when she needs to go out. Our dogs, on the other hand, have been lousy hosts. I don't know why, but neither one of our dogs really like Rosie. They growl at her when she wants to play (which is all the time!). Boo sorta growls "leave me alone, I don't want to play", but Sully goes into attack mode (as much as he can being a little dog). Sully has played with dogs bigger than himself before, so I don't think Rosie intimidated him. I'm not sure what his problem was, but he was not much of a host. He did play chase two times, but only when he could chase Rosie...he snapped at her if she chased him. Poor Rosie...her tails wags non-stop and she just wants to play (also non-stop). Oh well, we're loving on her and she seems to be managing OK. She's been an excellent guest and is welcome back anytime as far as the non-dog members of the house are concerned.

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