Thursday, June 21, 2007

Proud of My Wife

I only wish I had a picture of Brooke wearing her octopus hat to put with this blog posting. Oh well...I will get a copy and post it in a few days!

Our church has been doing Vacation Bible School all week. This is not Brooke's first year to lead a VBS, but I think she has really come into her own this year. One of the biggest areas I have seen Brooke grow in since becoming Children's Director at our church is building and leading a team. She has recruited some great people at our church to help in the children's department on a regular basis, and she has done the same for VBS. Of course it helps that Vine has a GREAT volunteer team. Those that volunteer, volunteer for everything! One volunteer told Brooke this was the smoothest running VBS she has ever worked (here and at her old church). Brooke is building a team and is getting comfortable enough to be able to lead them. I watch her talking to the VBS leaders, giving them instructions, answering questions and praying with them. Her confidence level has grown a LOT, and with that, her ability to lead. She has a family working with her this week who have been children's pastors before coming to the Vine. I think one of the (many) hard things about being a leader is drawing in other great leaders to work with you. There is always the fear that there is somebody who can do something better than you. But leaders who can overcome this can build a great team. I have seen Brooke work with this family, reap the benefits of their excellent ministry, get input from them and now get excited about picking their brains and turning them loose in other areas. That's a sign of a maturing leader.

Of course Brooke has always been good at being the "designated fun person". This has helped her out this week with her workers as well as the kids. Really, you've got to see the crazy octopus hat!

I could go on and on and some might accuse me of being a bit biased, so I'll mention just one more thing. Being an administrative type, I can appreciate a well-oiled machine (project). Brooke is not a natural organizer (remember, she's the "fun" one"), but she really has had her ducks in a row for VBS this year. From visionary planning through the preparation and on into the execution she has had the plan and worked the plan. I'm impressed.

So if you've read all of this and think it is "a bit much"...too bad. My blog, I can brag on my wife if I want to. I'll rant and rave about immigration, "global warming", gun control or something else for my next post.

Brookie, I'm impressed and proud of all your work this week. I love you!

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