Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I had a happy Father's Day...but it was on Friday. Sundays are kinda busy days at our house and today in particular was busy as we were decorating the sanctuary for VBS after service. So Brooke and Amanda celebrated Father's Day with me on Friday.

Do you like the watch to the left? I have one just like it (as if you didn't know I was going to say that). I told Brooke I was wanting a new watch, but I was not thinking of something quite this nice. This is a WaveCeptor watch which means that it captures the atomic clock signal from Ft. Colins, CO at 5am each morning and resets itself to the correct time. That is pretty cool. And unlike my last watch, when I hit the light button, I can actually see what time it is! Brooke also got me a couple pair of shorts and two nice t-shirts, both badly needed.

Today was a busy Sunday, as usual. We got to church around 8am and Brooke got stuff ready for kids church and organized some VBS stuff. I got the computer/video ready as well as our iGrow classes. We had a bit of excitement as a lady had an anxiety attack and thought she was having a heart attack. We called 911, the firetruck and ambulance came, she was taken to the hospital and her husband called later today to say they were at home and she was OK. After church, we stayed until 2pm decorating for VBS. We grabbed McDonalds for lunch, came home, Brooke napped, Amanda played on the computer, I went on a 2 cache geocaching run (found only 1) and now here we are. I guess the girls are going to watch a movie at 8pm and since it will no doubt be a chick flick, I'll either watch the Military Channel down here in my office or do some more reading. Happy Father's Day.

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