Monday, May 28, 2007

Stomachs Feeling Better, Now It's Just Rain and Chiggers

Ah yes, the joy of chiggers. We've all got them, but Amanda has them the worst. They are not fun.

And yes, it rained again today. I already shared my "fun" experience first thing taking the dogs for a walk. After Amanda and I got back from the lake, I was wondering if we should call my parents back and have them come on out here after all since it was not raining. Good thing we never made that call...just as we were getting ready to load up the truck to head over to their house, another DOWNPOUR came. I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty sick of rain.

So we went over to my parents and carried all of the food we were supposed to cook here. We grilled out and ate "outside" on their covered porch. Hamburgers, corn on the cob, chips and Smores. Doesn't get much better than that, although the Smores did not have quite the same feeling being cooked over the stove burner instead of a campfire.

"Indoor Smores"

We finished our game of dominoes from Saturday night, hung out and talked for a while and then came back to the camper. It is not raining (right now) and it is nice a cool outside. We will be able to open the windows tonight and enjoy a nice cool evening. Since most everybody left the park today, it will be nice and quiet, too.

Two lousy points! But I want you to know, I AM NOT BITTER ABOUT NOT WINNING!

We are praying for no rain in the morning. We'd like to pack up and then take Amanda, Brooke and the dogs down to the beach while I hook up the camper and dump all of the storage tanks.

We are thankful everybody's tummies feel better tonight. We'll just scratch a few chiggers and enjoy the cool evening.

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