Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day Without My Watch

I've been trying something on my (Friday) day off and on Saturday if we do not have someplace we have to be...I don't wear my watch. It's not like I don't see a clock all day, but it is an effort to relax and not be so driven by the work things I have to get done.

So today, being vacation and all, I did not wear my watch. I don't think it is because of not wearing a watch, but today was the first day I really relaxed. We slept in to about 8am, had cereal for breakfast, got another COLD! shower, and did some reading (Rob & Brooke) and some movie watching (Amanda) before lunch while it was continuing to rain on and off.

I'm eating breakfast while Amanda finishes up a painting from her vacation workbook

Amanda watching DVDs in her "luxury hotel" (her words)

After lunch, Brooke relaxed by taking a nap while Amanda and I biked down to lake, played in the lake (Amanda did), biked to Penn Farm and took a tour of what farm life was like in the late 1800-early 1900's. We both found that very interesting.

The original house on the Penn Farm property...well, sorta. They kept telling us how "authentic" the house was, but the more questions that were asked, the more our guide kept saying, "That may have changed during some of the renovations."

A lizard we saw on our Penn Farm tour. We are relatively certain he was not one of the "original" animals on the farm in the late 1800s.

A not-so-exciting "original" watering trough...with a pretty model posing for us!
If you look closely, you can see a windmill in this picture.

This tractor was not actually used on the Penn Farm, but it was from that era which was sometime between the late 1800s to mid-1900's.

We biked back home in time for Brooke and Amanda to take a HOT! shower and then rest a little before my parents came to visit. They arrived in Dad's new Dodge pickup which we quickly unloaded (they brought food) and we fired up the grill. Dinner consisted of grilled chicken (between Brooke's marinade and my humble-yet-expert grilling, it was delicious!!), green bean salad, fruit salad and Smores cooked over the campfire for dessert. Sully growled and barked the whole time we were outside and I smushed my Smore together too hard squshing some hot marshmallow onto my foot, but other than that, sitting outside enjoying the lack of rain (and abudance of mud!) was very nice.

So my folks have left, Amadna is in bed, Brooke is reading and I am blogging. The clock on my computer says it is now 9:35pm. I'm going to shut down the computer, read until I want to go to bed and sleep until I want to get up. That is what a day without my watch is supposed to be like.

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