Monday, May 28, 2007

A Blur of Misery

Yesterday was NOT a fun day and it was NOT what vacation is supposed to be like! I don't know if Brooke and I got what Amanda had or what, but we were miserable. Mine started out in the morning. My stomach was upset and I got a fever. I finally just laid in bed because I felt so miserable. Brooke was nauseous and finally came down with a fever, too I think.

In the afternoon, I took some Tylenol which helped reduce my fever, so we all went down to the lake for Amanda to swim. When we got back, my stomach was feeling better so I ate. Shouldn't have done that. Never got sick like Amanda did, but my stomach was upset all night long. We laid around the rest of the evening while Amanda read and watched movies. My back hurt from laying around so much, so Amanda and I took the dogs for a walk right before she went to bed. Once we got to the far end of our loop, we realized we had come out WAY TOO FAR. We were both exhausted when we got back and I felt terrible again.

Amanda at the beach. She didn't feel it necessary to wear her swimsuit, but she ended up going swimming anyway!

We all went to bed by 9:00pm and had a fitful night of sleep (Brooke and I slept fitfully...Amanda was fine). Sometime during the night, my stomach finally settled down and my fever broke. I still slept fitfully, but I felt better when I got up this morning. Brooke is still trying to recover fully.

I got up this morning at 7:30am since my back was hurting from being in bed so much. I took the dogs for a walk to do their morning potty break. Sully is so afraid of everything that he won't go potty until we literally walk it out of him! So my day began with a 20 minute walk in the rain. When I came back, I was soaked along with both dogs.

Amanda wanted to go swimming today, so after the rain stopped, I took her down to the lake for an hour and a half. Brooke stayed with the dogs trying to get better. My parents were supposed to come this afternoon for dinner, but we decided to go to their house instead. We don't know if it will be raining when it is time to grill out, and we'd like to take a break from all the mud.

So yesterday was just a blur...lots of rain and feeling cruddy. Today is a little better, but it's still gonna rain again. We can't go geocaching because the trails are closed due to all the rain. I'm trying to remember if we've had this many consecutive days of rain all year. It's good to be away, but all the rain and being sick put a real damper on our day yesterday.

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