Friday, June 03, 2005

Watching the Weather

We've been watching the weather all day...outside, on TV and online. We are supposed to have a Block Party at the church tonight. We are inviting our neighbors to come hang out with us. We're gonna have free hotdogs, chips and something to drink. We're renting some blow up games (a bungee run and velcro wall), bringing in a couple jump houses (thanks to Randy at Quick Signs), face painting and other stuff for kids. The weather originally severe storms would be here between 2 and 7pm. Since the Block Party is from 7 to 9pm, that would have been a problem. We did get some rain around 2-3pm, but nothing serious and it seems to be clearing off now. The Block Party is a "go" so we're just trying to get in touch with the guy who has the blow up games to make sure he still plans on having them here. Lots of work going into tonight...hope we have a good turn out from the neighborhood.

- Rob

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