Monday, June 20, 2005


Nine...that's how many points I scored playing racquetball this morning. If you don't know, games are played to 15, so I lost. As a matter of fact, out of three games, I lost three...but I had nine two games. So why is that a good thing? Because my two usual racquetball buddies were not there so I played a pick-up game. Most all of the guys who play pick-up games are MUCH better than me. Today, I played Chuck. I've played chuck on three or four other occasions. The first time we played, I got 3 points when he let up on me (we played at least 7 games and three is the most points I scored). Second time around was about the same. Last time we played (before today), I scored 8 points. Today, I scored 9 points twice. Chuck has a very good serve, and that is where I lose a lot of my points. I mean, the first couple games I played him, out of 25 serves, I hit maybe 5. I'm getting better at returning his serves and that is why my score is better, but I've still got a ways to go. Anyway, I think I'm improving. I really like playing with Keith and Pastor (my racquetball buddies), but I think I improve more when I play "the big dogs" as my friend Bill from the Maverick Club calls them. The Maverick Club is where I play racquetball...I'll have to tell you more about Bill later.


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