Sunday, May 29, 2005

Lots Going On, Not Writing Much

Wow, compared to previous months, it seems like I'm not writing much right now. It's not that nothing is going on, I guess that we're just busy and not that much seems exciting enough to write about.

We've been busy this weekend, but it's been kinda fun. Vacation Bible School begins a week from Monday, so Brooke is very busy getting ready for that. She wanted to do a promo for it during service today, so we've been working on her idea. We know a guy at church who has a BIG Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and since the theme for VBS this year is "Ramblin' Road Trip", Brooke put the two together. Brooke's basic idea was to have a short intro video giving all the info about VBS, then she would ride motorcycle (as a passenger!) into the sanctuary and make an announcement. So, we went out and shot some video on Saturday with our friend who has the motorcycle, and I started editing video. The video starts out the song "Born to be Wild" playing and a question pops up on the screen "Have you been on a road trip?" Then there is video of Ed on his Harley. The video goes back and forth between shots of Ed on his motorcycle and info screens about VBS. At the end, it says "Don't miss a single day....because you never know what is going to happen next." While this is on the screen, you see a shot from the back of Ed's motorcycle as he turns into the church parking lot and rides up the ramp in front of the church. The video ends, the sanctuary lights go out and then you hear Ed crank up his Harley. Ed and Brooke rode into the sanctuary, Brooke made her announcement and then they rode out. It was pretty awesome...and fun to do. We went out to eat with Ed and his wife Pat tonight and then helped Ed get his bike out of the sanctuary and take it home. We had a lot of fun.

Amanda is out of school now, so after having something to do and LOTS of people to be with seven hours a day, five days a week, she is getting bored. She comes to work with Brooke and I Monday-Thursday from around 9:30am to anywhere between 3:30-4:30pm. She's got some movies to watch, the church playground, pictures to draw and a 1st grade computer "game" and workbook to go with that. We hope to find some other VBS programs for her to attend and maybe swim lessons or a karate class. Of course there is our own VBS coming up in another week and a trip to Alabama in July.

I'm still learning how to "fix" more stuff with my new job. I worked on our washing machine and home to stop a leak and got the water flowing again in one of the "fixtures" in the Men's' Room at church. I guess I'm good enough at taking things apart...the challenge is trying to figure out what is wrong after I get the stuff apart.

I'm getting to preach on Father's Day, so I'm already praying about and preparing for that. I'm a little frustrated right now...I thought the Lord laid something on my heart to preach, but it's not developing very well. I'm not sure if the Lord just gave this to me for my benefit or if I am supposed to preach it, so I'm still praying about it. In any case, I'm excited to have the opportunity to preach.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. We are going over to Mom and Dads for burgers and just to hang out. It will be the last day off this week. Tuesday Brooke has ladies' Bible study and I have to mow the lawn. Wednesday night Brooke works children's ministry at church while I drive the bus for Jr. High youth group and have Life Group at our house. Thursday Brooke has a PTA meeting. Friday our church has our "Block Party" (we're inviting the neighborhood out for free food, blow up games for the kids, etc) and then Saturday is a work day to get ready for VBS. Fun fun fun!

So I guess it's about time to get Amanda Kay into bed. Think Brooke and I are going to watch "The Italian Job" and then I might watch some violent war movie after that to relax.


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