Friday, February 17, 2006

So I Brought It Home

I've got the geocaching bug now, so today I decided to start looking for a place to hide my own cache (for others to come find). I found a good potential spot, but I've got to explore a little more. The way I got in will not be navagatable in six weeks because of all the thorns, briars, etc, but I think I've got a great spot to work with. I've checked and there don't appear to be any other caches close. While I was out, I found this skull. I'm not sure if it is a fox, coyote or a dog, but it looked pretty cool so I brought it home.

- Rob

1 comment:

Dawn Irons said...

no...dont think it is an may be the last worship leader that talked back to pastor...was it buried out back??


Not feeling well tonight...maybe it is the fever talking....LOL!