Saturday, February 04, 2006

All In Day

It has been a busy day. Things started out great when we checked our bank account balance and saw that our tax return had been deposited...thank you Jesus! We've been waiting for this money. Today we bought new tires for the car, got some repair work done on the car, got the car inspected and refilled our prescriptions fulfilling our deductible for the year. We've still got a few more bills to pay and I still need to purchase those Phantom of the Opera tickets for Brooke's Valentines' Day, but we certainly got a lot of necessary things taken care of today.

On the "not-so-necessary-but-still-very-nice" side of things, I was also able to get my Magellan Explorist 200 GPS out of lay-away today. I'm hoping that Amanda and I can go geocaching tomorrow (or treasure hunting as Amanda sees it).

Tonight was guys Friday night poker at my house. Games have not gone well for me when we play here. Tonight, I was second one out on the first game, first one out on the second game...and then my luck changed and I won the last game. Luck certainly was on my side as I won a few hands on the river, but I also a little proud of myself. When there were just three of us left, all I had left in chips was $1, 040 (just enough to cover the big blind) and from there I went on to win. Fold, All In...Fold, All In...all the way to the end!

So now it's late (or actually very early in the morning) and I'm finding a couple things to do to let my mind wind down so I can go to sleep. It's been a good "All In" day.

- Rob

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