Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not Much Blogging Going On (But Thanks for the Comments)

So here I am, sitting down for the evening ready to read my friends' blogs and blog myself. Let's see: Forward Motion: Changing Lives (my friend Steve), his last post was Sunday. Ramblings of a Christian Insomniac Musician (my friend Brad), his last post was January 27. Downloads From Heaven (Brad's Wife), she last posted on Sunday. Let's check Laura's, Brad's daughter, blog ( Laura's World), she last posted on Monday. Man, she had me going with this story she was writing, but now the story is done and she's left me hanging since Monday. Although I'm not holding my breath, I head over to check out my friend Jason's blog, Sincere Randomness. It appears he posted a day after Brad, but that was January 28th. Well, Pastor has just started blogging and he has been pretty regular, so I'll head over to Pastoral, like Laura, he has not posted since Monday.

Although my friends have no new posts since Monday or earlier, quite a few have visited my blog and read my post from this past Monday. Monday was not a great day for me, but it was GREAT and a real comfort to have friends comment and encourage me. Some of you posted a comment and others just commented in person, but I really appreciate your encouragement. My friend Jason told me I would sweat less if I lost weight (I complained all summer about sweating "like a fat guy") and my friend Steve told me it might help, when I want something more or better to eat, to think about all the people in the world who would be ever so thankful to eat whatever "healthy alternative" I have in front of me. Thanks Jason, Steve, Brooke and others who took the time to encourage me, help me laugh and pray for me. It's pretty cool that God puts us in a family like he does so we are surrounded by people who love and care about us.

Well, the weekend is here (weekend is Friday, Saturday for me since I'm off on Friday). I was hoping Amanda and I could go geocaching this weekend, but true to Texas, the weather is doing a flip from all week and it is supposed to be cold here. [If my friend Craig (college roommate) went online enough to read my blog, I would admit to him that "cold" is a relative term. He lives on Lake Huron in Michigan and has over two feet of snow right now!] Anyway, since we won't be geocaching, I think I'll be heading to the store to buy some candy and gum tomorrow. Amanda is learning (trying to learn) about money and how to count out change. Her teacher says it is one of the hardest things they have to learn in 1st grade, and Amanda is struggling right now. But if Amanda can "buy" gum and candy and Mommy and Daddy's store by learning how to count out the correct change, I think she will go back to school on Monday with a MUCH better understanding of counting out money. We'll give it a try and let you know how it comes out.

Brooke is watching Dancing with the Stars which I recorded for her earlier, and I hope she will be awake enough to watch last night's LOST after that, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Guess I'll go check on how's she doing and sign off for now.

Not much blogging going on, but thanks again for your comments and encouragement this week!

- Rob

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