Friday, March 18, 2005

What Would Jesus Think

This past Sunday, March 13th, I got to preach. Pastor
David was out of town for the Liberty Fellowship
presbytery meeting in Deleware. I was thrilled to
have the opportunity to preach because I have been
totally consumed with a thought...or a message...for
the past six months. In October, I began reading a
book entitled "Think Like Jesus" by George Barna. The
book was basically about developing a Christian
worldview, but the premis that really hit me was "you
cannot do what Jesus would do until you learn to think
like Jesus would think." I can honestly say this book
has totally changed the way I think and started me on
an adventure trying to think more like Jesus.
Rereading Bible stories I have heard dozens and dozens
of times has brought new meaning when looking at it
through the lens of "What Would Jesus Think". I am
still consumed by the thought as I have my daily quiet

If you are interested in hearing the sermon, you can
listen to it online HERE. If you would rather
download it to your computer, click HERE.


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