Friday, March 18, 2005

Spring Break Camping

Spring Break is this week, and we're having a wonderful week. This Spring Break has been different than any other of our last 11 years since we've been married. First of all, Amanda is now in school and doing something together as a family while she is out of school just makes we went camping. But camping over Spring Break was not new to us, but going with just our family is. For the past 11 years we have taken the youth group camping, and the past few years it has been during Spring Break. So in a way, we continued a tradition, but this year it was just our family.

Mom and Dad (Rob's) bought an old, beat up pop-up trailer many months ago. When I say "beat up", that is exactly what I mean. There is no way you could actually camp in it the way it was. But Dad is GREAT at fixing up stuff like that. It was incredible to watch the whole transformation process. He rebuilt the floor, the ceiling, the roof, the cabinets, got help repainting and the whole thing, fixed the materail on the outside, put in an air conditioner...just fixed it up first class. Mom ordered mattresses and cushions for the inside and packed everything in there you would need to camp. We have been waiting to try it out with them, and we got to over Spring Break. Mom and Dad arrived at the campground (Martin Creek Lake State Park) on Friday and camped over the weekend. We joined them on Sunday and the four of us spent the night in the camper Sunday night. On Monday, Mom and Dad headed back home in the afternoon while Rob, Brooke and Amanda camped through Wednesday. We hiked the trails, played in the park, cooked Smores around the campfire, read, watched movies on the laptop, stayed warm with the heater in the camper and slept better than we've ever slept in the tents we usually camp in! We had a great time and are looking forward to doing it again.

We posted our camping photos online with Yahoo Photos. Click on the Spring Break Camping album.

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