Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Harry's Last Day in the Office

Well, today was Harry's last day in the office. Harry had a "rough day in the office" yesterday...or should I say a rough day in the rough? He took our guest speaker to the golf course on Monday, so Tuesday was his last day in the office. I did feel bad...I've moved the office all around and he didn't have a desk to sit at his last day in the office! But I didn't want Harry to feel too bad, so I kept him busy with lots of "before you go, can you help me..." things. We took the water fountain apart, fixed a plumbing problem in the restroom, he called and got me on the Home Depot account, we went through some of his files and he helped me fix something on my desk.

As a staff, we took Harry and his wife Arleen out for lunch at Olive Garden. Pastor asked Harry what he would miss the most in the office and Harry said something about giving me a hard time (or me giving him a hard time). It made realize how much I am going to miss Harry in the office. I guess you sorta take people for granted when you get to see them most every day. I've often thought about how much I appreciate Harry and how he challenges me in the way he is so kind to people, but I don't think I realized how much I'm going to miss having him around...not to mention all the "stuff" he did before that I will now be responsible for.

In my new office (formerly Harry's office) I've got one of those picture frames that you can put 20 pictures into the cut out spaces. Below is one of the pictures I am going to put in it.


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